Tree Craft Diary | Inspirational Natural Gemstone Necklaces & Bracelets from Indonesia

Tree Craft Diary | Inspirational Natural Gemstone Necklaces & Bracelets from Indonesia

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Check out shop “mimi de machell” (click here) and Indonesian brand “Tree Craft Diary“, to discover all the ways we associate with unique brands worldwide.

Don’t miss out!  We invite you to read (below) a few words from Cindy, CEO at Tree Craft Diary.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your brand.

Hello! My name is Cindy. I was born in Jakarta-Indonesia, graduated in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia, majored in industrial design. After working for a period of time as a product designer in Singapore, I finally back to my hometown and dedicate myself to embrace the passion as a handmade crafter, jewelry designer of Tree Craft Diary.

By utilizing one of the earth materials – natural gemstone, Tree Craft Diary embraces the fusion of fashion and nature, thus, emphasizes their natural characteristics and creatively combines them with current trend in the world of fashion. There are many unique accessories including pendant and statement necklaces, bracelets, rings and even jewelry accessories for men which you can find it here at Tree Craft Diary.

2. Where can people find you? 

Let’s stay in touch!


Etsy shop:

Facebook page:






3. What is inspirational about your accessory line?

As Tree Craft Diary jewelry employs natural gemstone for the main material, thus I design and create each of the accessories based on their unique feature. Not only natural stones, I also utilize other materials such as wires, clays, crystals, beads and charms to support and enhance the jewelry style. Because of the sole characteristic on each gemstone, thus, each jewelry piece reflects an artistry value that might inspire people on their visualization.

4. How did you first become interested in accessories?

I always love art and craft since I was a young girl. I did scrapbooking, cross stitching, felting, doing a little bit of this and that until I finally decided that making accessories is my thing. The reason I chose jewelry as my main biz is because it gives me much happiness to see people put on my creation and bring it along with them. At the same time, I believe women will only feel complete when they wear precious yet fabulous jewelry pieces to match with their daily outfit.

5. How would you like to introduce your designs in Korea?

I love how daring Korean fashion designers are, as a result of Korea being one of the leaders in the world of both women’s and men’s fashion. As many of my jewelry line incorporate with high fashion and has a fun vibe which is reflected by its vibrant color, and I think they will fit enough to Korean market taste, hence, I would like to introduce Tree Craft Diary jewelry accessories to them and wish to have a good chance to work with fashion designers in Korea.

6.  Are there any Korean trends that you would like to incorporate in your jewelry line?

Yes, of course. Recently I was inspired by the statement pieces which I believe is one of the popular accessories in Korea. So these days I have been making some fancy statement necklaces with bold characteristic. I call it “fancy” because I use many mix materials, such as multi gemstones, crystals, beads and chains to fuse it together and become a lovely statement piece. The raw idea is still inside my head, but next thing I want to try making would be some fancy statement bracelets.

7. What advice can we give to others when they accessorize their outfits with Tree Craft Diary jewelry? And how will you continue a relationship on District Gal?

My advice on how to choose a piece that you probably doubt it won’t suit you is to simply pick your own preference. I am sure when you are browsing through the pages, there will be some pieces that catch your eyes. Those are your preferences! Your mind is secretly telling you that you like it. When you adore the item, you will spontaneously wear it with confidence. Of course, when you have no idea on how to pick one to match with your outfits, I’ll be there to help you out! Simply drop me a message and we’ll work it together.

I am happy that I found District Gal and have a great chance to introduce my creations to all of you! We will stay in contact to bring you the newest collection, special promotions and other event announcements from Tree Craft Diary. Whilst to celebrate our first collaboration, I am offering special discount exclusively for you, District Gal readers! Yeay!

No matter which country you live in, get as much as 15% OFF ALL ITEMS to shop at my Etsy shop ( with coupon code: TCDDG15. But be hurry! Because this promotion will end on 31st October 2013.

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