DGal Shop & Swap Party Seoul

DGal Shop & Swap Party Seoul

When: Sunday, May 1st, 2016 from 4:oo – 7:00pm

Where: Living Room (Across the street from the famous Bonny’s pizza in HBC)

용산구 신흥로 30-1, Yongsan-gu Sinheung-Ro 30-1

Why you need to go?

Clothing SWAPS/flea markets are fashion/ECO forward!  They promote reusing what already exists rather than creating more waste, so it’s important that we spread this fashion phenomenon.  You are  welcome to take your items back with you. But if you decide to leave it then the clothing not sold or swapped will be donated. Fashion for a cause!

BONUS: DistrictGal actually went to school for fashion.  You may have already been to many clothing swaps in Seoul, but this one will look nothing like a cluttered, messy bedroom. Instead, you might feel like you’ve wandered into a posh living room with on-point options.  LADIES & GENTS alike can come relax, cheerfully (or hipster-ly, if that’s your alley) talk about style, and sip on a cocktail.  Bring unwanted but clean, swap-able oldies but sassy goodies (tops, pants, shoes, bags & accessories). If you have nothing to swap, but want to shop just come anyway you will find some cheap chic pieces, and enjoy the atmosphere. Yvette Cruz, bloggist of www.districtgal.com will be on the sidelines providing you with fashion tips.  BE GLAMOROUS THE GREEN WAY!

What: Come celebrate, listen to cool beats, and enjoy a DGal Style SHOP & SWAP Party at the Living Room Seoul in HBC.  All attendees will receive a one-time free entry to Club Villa along with a special discount on bottle service.  The club entry + service are valid through the end of May! Please note that you must arrive before midnight. Also, you have the chance to WIN a free kickboxing class membership for 3 months.  It’s a perfect chance for you to get fit for your spring/summer wardrobe.   See below to learn more about the Japanese instructor.  In order for these to apply, please ensure that you follow all required giveaway steps. 


VENDORS (vendors, not buyers):  Space is limited and participants MUST secure their spots by paying a small rental fee.  The space is only available to the first 25 participants who secure their spots in advance by notifying DGal at districtgalista@gmail.com. If you decide to be a vendor the day of there will be a slightly higher fee.

SHOPPERS:  Attendee’s entrance fee is $10 and includes a free cup of tea and a drink from the bar.  You should bring a bag of clothes to swap, because even though some items will be sold the focus is all on the SWAP. Bring your own bags so you can shop/swap with vendors. You will have the chance to walk out with fun, NEW-TO-YOU items while saving the big bucks.  Bring sassy clothes (no rips/dirty pieces) to swap and cash to shop!! Finally, you will be asked to write your name in the guest book at the entrance to secure your name on the list for free club entry at Club Villa. Note: You cannot sell items- only Shop or Swap!  You should bring wearable items that you feel someone could make use of.  Shoot me an email if you have any questions about the party. District Gal and the Living Room Seoul want to make sure the event runs smoothly and everyone gets some fab finds. I appreciate your cooperation! 

**Payment of 10,000 won must be sent to Citibank: 522-06574-262-01 and payee MUST send E-MAIL TO districtgalista@gmail.com.  AT THE MOMENT OF TRANSFER INCLUDING payee’s FIRST/LAST NAME & DATE/TIME payment was sent. Failing this step will cause you problems.**


 ♥ Event is nonrefundable

 ♥ Everyone will be entered into the contest if they follow all steps to participate.

 ♥ Click ‘Going’ & send a PM with your full name and questions. You’re welcome to post pics of your the items you’re planning to swap beforehand. 

 ♥ You can check out photos & video footage of the swap put together a few years back to get an idea about what a clothes swap event looks like.

Naked Exchange 1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZwKwJut4zs


 ♥ New-to-you items

 ♥ Professional photog will be at the event taking pictures of you and your goodies.

 ♥ Feel PROUD of yourself not dumping your clothes in the trash

What you can WIN? 

♥ One WINNER has the chance to WIN a free VIP table at CLUB VILLA for a group of 6 with a bottle of vodka, mixers and side dishes. You must arrive by 10:30 and be over 21 to enter. The winner will be announced two day after the event on May 3rd. FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/villakorea/?fref=ts

All other prizes will be announced two week after the event on May 17th.
♥ Free kickboxing class membership for 5 attendees who follow all required giveaway steps

 ♥ All attendees will receive a one-time FREE entry to Club Villa along with a special discount on bottle service.  The club entry + service are valid through the end of May! 

 ♥ $25 gift card to shop at Mango

 ♥ Everyone will be entered into the contest if they follow all REQUIRED steps to participate. 

CONTEST Requirements:

  1. Share the event on your Facebook profile.
  2. Post a comment on the FB event page about why you’re excited to join the event.  
  3. Like DistrictGal & Club Villa Facebook page.
  4. Leave your email and comment below in this post. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Remember, this giveaway is exclusive to Shop & Swap vendors and attendees ONLY.  Don’t forget to follow any steps to enter.   Even if you are an original member or a newbie, you must follow all the steps above in order to enter. Winner will be selected and announced a week after the event, so you can enjoy all your May perks.  If the WINNER does not respond within 5 days, a new winner will be chosen. **

Information about the Kickboxing Instructor:

KENTOJUKU Sunday Workshop (In English)

*Drop in fee is usually 25,000 won.

WHERE: 타이거즈 태권도 서울시 서대문구 대현동 럭키이파트 상가 3층

CLASSES: (Beginners are welcome!)

Kickboxing fitness runs from 3:00~3:55 pm

Karate 1 4:00~4:55 pm

Kent Kim was the kickboxing fitness trainer for The Knight Family (former Nike CEO), and instructed martial arts for Hollywood stars such as Connie Neilsen, Benicio Del Toro, and Tommy Lee Jones for their parts in movies. Kent himself has also worked in many TV commercials and movies such as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Kent has shared in research with not only Karate masters but also Judo and Jujitsu masters, Iai-do masters, Shoot (Shuto) Fighters, Boxers, Kickboxers and Sambo fighters. He was a martial arts instructor at the Multnomah Athletic Club from 1984 to 1989, and at Portland State University from 1991 to 2001. Afterwards he was a kickboxing team coach for Portland State University from 2002 to 2008.

He has won over 200 first place trophies and medals throughout his career in martial arts, and had earned the respect and recognition to be asked to participate in international championships. He holds 3 gold medals from the USAKF National Championships, 2 gold medals from the USANKF National Championships, and has won first place in three different Full-contact International/World Championships.

Quote of the Event: Remember that old saying, “One man’s/girl’s trash is another man’s/girl’s treasure.”

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  1. Damir - 05/04/2016

    I love this blog – great work!

  2. Sara R. - 26/04/2016

    Looking forward to this event! A great way to do some spring cleaning while meeting others and getting a change to win some Kickboxing classes haha!

  3. Kiara J. Lee - 27/04/2016

    Nice!! I got some dresses i wanna swap, hope i could find some items!! 🙂

  4. Ray - 28/04/2016

    Best of luck to this event! Looking forward to it!

  5. J - 28/04/2016

    Excited to see what everyone brings on Sunday!

  6. Roz - 30/04/2016

    Looking forward to swapping out some oldies but goodies for some new fun items ^_^
    Thanks District Gal for organizing this fantastic event in Seoul.
    It looks like a TON of effort has gone into pulling it off and I can’t wait to participate!

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