CityLife | Global Korean/Australian Musician Hany Talks Feminine and Edgy

CityLife | Global Korean/Australian Musician Hany Talks Feminine and Edgy

Hany and DGal met in Seoul while on set for a music video shoot.  We were lucky enough to put together so many uber cute outfits for the filming.  She loved so many of the magical looks put together for her, and it has helped us keep in touch.  Meet Hany!

1. Full Name and Location.

HaNy Diamond Lee – HDL – HA:BEE – born and raised in Sydney but living in Melbourne, Australia.

2. Places you’ve lived/traveled to?

UK (England) – Korea – Japan – Australia

3. Why do you feel inspired to pursue music?

It’s not just a way to communicate with the world through music but also a big way for me to vent on a daily basis.  With music I can by myself. 

4. What trends do you notice or would like to see more of in the music scene?

I am seeing a lot of vocalists being praised for being multi-talented: becoming true artists and not just “singers”. This includes being able to produce, write, arrange or to be the sole part of the music production aspect. I find this highly respectable and very healthy for the artist to create that connection with their own music.

5.     How do you maintain an income and manage your everyday life?

In the midst of all the music making and producing, I am currently doing my Masters at Melbourne University. I’m also running my own business which is a performing arts company for people of all ages who want to be trained or supported in music, acting, dance or academics.  I have also been working in the acting industry in Australia since I was much younger and will be in BARE, the musical with STAGEART this year (which I am happy to announce)!

I also do music shows around Australia for private events. The events always happen to be political or government related and that is the reason why I have taken up a sturdy interest in politics.

6.      What have been the most memorable moments for you and how do you continue to stay motivated?

Prior to Chilltop Management I was scouted under a Global-Korean Entertainment company to be trained as a Kpop artist. Everyone knows the difficulties and the sacrifices needed to be made while working in the Kpop industry. However seeing the pieces of my art coming together was what kept me motivated. Nothing beats that rewarding feeling at the end. It’s an addiction and you can’t stop thinking about reaching your goal. It’s almost like a guilty temptation! It might ruin you at times (from the loss of sleep and crazy diet plans), but at the end of the day when the videos and music come out, it is the biggest pat on the back anyone could ever give you.

7.      Do you have any interest in Korean fashion?

I am such a big fan of fashion in general, but particularly of unique street fashion. I was THAT kid in my early high school days who would wear trackies and wax off my outfit with a pair of stilettos and my hand made bag. I saw Selena Gomez do this for her airport look in 2017 (I totally started the trend hahaha). I have definitely changed in style a lot, though, since then.

There are some great fashion designers in Seoul and you can see sneak peeks of some fashion icons at Seoul Fashion Week, for which I’m an absolute sucker. I couldn’t even name my top 5 because of how many designers I love. Some of my favourite artists infuse a lot of European influences with the Korean street styles, bringing femininity to street fashion. It’s the best of both worlds!

8.      How would you describe fashion where you are?

Australia is full of diverse cultures, so the fashion is a beautiful mess. It’s not one definitive style, so it’s like you can see the whole world just living in Melbourne, and all through their fashion.

9.      Describe your sense of style.  How do you put together outfits for your shoots?

What I wear for an MV really depends on the theme of the music video. The upcoming MV we are releasing in 2018 is a feminine-styled love story. I wanted to avoid the cliché’ floral mini dress, farmers straw hat, strictly innocent and daydreamy look and wanted to add my own edge to it. So although it will have a feminine quality to it you’ll always see a bit of an edge in my MV’s. We can’t wait to show it to you when production is complete!

10.   What do you think about DistrictGal and what would you like to say to DGal fans?

DistrictGal is such a spunky-styled cupid, shooting their love arrows at every piece of art, material and person that is cool enough to be pointed out. It was such a blessing to be able to collab with DG in the past, and it is again now. I can’t wait to see who and what comes out from DG in 2018!!! Lots o’ chunky love.

You can see more pics from the previous shoot, here. 

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