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Hongdae is a bright and hip place to trot through both during the day and at night. Walk out of exit 9 and turn left and you will be drawn by more than a handful of coffee shops, restaurants, and cute Korean fashion boutiques. It’s one of the best shopping districts and is one of hippest most youthful districts in Seoul with splashes of visible culture and indie style diversity.

In front of the university there are several street vendors selling women’s bracelets, necklaces and more that suit everyday styles. The prices are reasonable ranging from ₩3,000 – ₩20,000. The items are stylish and affordable but keep quality in mind. Everyday jewelry is one of the hardest to shop for especially jewels you don’t want to break the bank. You don’t have to buy expensive jewelry to look stylish. If you want to buy a cheap bracelet, the golden rule is find the item that follows trends. As you can see in the picture the above the silver in comparison with the gold choice, the gold hands down looks trendy and more expensive.

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