Berlin Fashion: Top Trends from Berlin Fashion Week

Berlin Fashion: Top Trends from Berlin Fashion Week

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Super excited to talk about this piece by Jessica, a fan of All Stores Clothing contributing Berlin Fashion Week to DistrictGal.  The following shares some of the looks from Berlin Fashion week and information about 2014/2015 trends.

Author Bio: Jessica Muirhead loves fashion and is always checking out wholesale sites like All Stores Clothing as well as the leading retailers. Jessica is a student and is looking to become a fashion writer in the future.

 Berlin Fashion Week took place in the middle of January, representing one of the first occasions in 2014 where the world got to see the styles designers would be putting in their collections later in the year.  Fashion shows such as this are a great gauge for high street fashion, too, as buyers and merchandisers get to think about the high street versions of designer style that will soon be offered to them by their own product developers.

What were the highlights of Berlin Fashion Week?

berlin fashion show 3

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Berlin Fashion Week

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Berlin Fashion Show

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Eco Clothing

The rise of eco-friendly clothing has been huge in recent years. While many thought it would prove to be a fad that wouldn’t last beyond the end of 2012, it has proven to be a sustainable, no pun intended, sub sector of the industry.

Berlin Fashion Week had many shows focusing on eco fashion and on how it is developing. The great thing about eco fashion is it isn’t just a few niche labels doing it. Most of the world’s leading design houses either have separate departments working on specific eco lines or are simply taking a more considerate and sustainable approach to how they work and to the fashions they are creating.

While that was a general trend and piece of the fashion movement that proved a highlight of Berlin Fashion Week, what were the big trends that gave us a glimpse of Autumn/Winter 2014?

Elegant Styles

In recent years, several trends have been characterised by how “busy” they have been. Patterns and bright colours have been the standard setting for modern fashion in many ways. At the back end of 2014, expect to see clean, elegant styles come to the forefront once again.

What will this look like?

In terms of the lower half, it will be lighter coloured trousers and skirts, with light browns and creams being popular. This will be contrasted with darker colours up top for an elegant, classic look that will turn heads in Winter and probably carry over into Spring/Summer 2015, too.

Simple Glamour

Dresses are also going to get the simple and elegant treatment for Autumn/Winter 2014, both in terms of workwear as well as what you’d wear on casual occasions.

Expect to see plenty of black and grey dresses, especially those with contrasting belts and trim detail – red is likely to be popular in this area – while patterned work dresses will also be these colours and feature simple floral patterns in red and white. The brighter patterns of the last few years such as tribal and “busy” floral patterns will disappear.

Double Denim

Yes, double denim is going to be big at the end of 2014. While there are still some who won’t want to go for the double denim look, some will be able to pull off a denim shirt with a skirt; the only problem is that when it gets cold it might not be the most convenient of outfits!

Still, if there’s an Autumn/Winter trend from 2014 that is most likely to carry forward into the summer months, or even become a hit this summer, it’s this one.

Which trend are you looking forward to? We here at DistrictGal are fans of Simple Glamour and Double Denim, which both resemble Korean Street fashion!!

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