The Hanbok Reimagined at Seoul Fashion Week

The Hanbok Reimagined at Seoul Fashion Week

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As a contributor and editor on the District Gal team, I attended 2017 #SFW Hera Seoul Fashion Week.  Fashion week in Seoul is vibrant, dynamic and best of all, interactive.  I have always felt that SFW is unique in that it bridges the gap between the fashion industry and its admirers.  Seoul Fashion Week can be best described as a week-long fashion festival at Dongdaemun Design Plaza that is open to all those who love fashion. Even if you don’t get a chance to attend the runway shows through social media giveaways or celebrity status, you can still enjoy concerts, outdoor events with industry professionals, brand giveaways, flea markets, and street fashion. The fashion to be seen brings out photographers to capture all the stylish attendees at SFW.  Seoul street fashion is eclectic, a little crazy, and a lot of fun.  It’s all about expressing yourself and having fun while doing it!

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At this fashion week, I wanted to express my Korean and American identity through my look. Back in February, I visited the opening of a new magazine office in Dongmyo, and I was immediately drawn to this incredible faux leather hanbok (한복) skirt.  The fabric is so unexpected for traditional Korean clothing, but the modern twist looks fantastic.  I didn’t visit the store with shopping in mind, but as soon as I tried on the skirt I knew I had to take it to fashion week with me.

sfw17fw - 1 (1)

I found the long sleeve high neck fishnet top while browsing Salon de Seoul’s new Spring lookbook, and thought it would be fun to pair one of this year’s prominent trends with my new faux leather hanbok skirt. The shirt fits looser than most fishnet tops, which adds a touch of sophistication. To complete the look I added a velvet tank over the shirt, giving the look more texture.

I felt the outfit needed more Korean elements, and I added a pair of white gomusin (고무신). These rubber shoes were popular in Korea from the 1940’s through the Korean War because they were comfortable and easy to clean. The rubber molds to your feet and feels like Crocs in heel form.  I purchased mine at the Gwangjang Market for less than 15,000 won!  The gomusin really pulled my outfit together, and I’ll definitely be wearing them with other outfits in the future.

gomusin - 1

If you have a chance to attend Seoul Fashion Week, I highly recommend it! It is so much fun and if you love fashion, you’ll be in good company with thousands of other fashion lovers.

Do you have a look you’d love to show off at the next SFW? Leave a comment and show/tell us about your personal style!

I would like to thank Michael Hurt (instagram: @kuraeji) for the lovely photos!

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