SEOUL CITYLIFE: FAITH INSTYLE | Elyse Cornett, Fashion Blogger & Teacher

SEOUL CITYLIFE: FAITH INSTYLE | Elyse Cornett, Fashion Blogger & Teacher

Lovely & faithful Elyse Cornett caught our eye at WhatIWear Social Bloggers gathering event.  

Her sweet and bubbly California personality appeal, and not to mention her fashion sense was a Must-Feature!!  She recently started a fashion blog that shares her personal style and incorporates causes once a month that engages in fashion philanthropy.  Elyse is also a great example for those readers on District Gal looking for body-shape wardrobe pointers.  Her more athletic build is hardly found on the fashion scene, and instead of wearing t-shirts and jeans, why not try some of Faith Instyle’s wardrobe tips?

Tell District Gal about yourself.

My name is Elyse Cornett, and I am from San Diego, CA. However, in many ways I am not your typical Cali girl. I would rather be dressed up than down, and I have only surfed twice in my life, and neither times was in California. In university I studied International Business, with an emphasis in Japanese/Asia-Pacific Studies because I have always had an interest in learning about Asian cultures. While in college I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Tokyo, where I further developed my passion and love for all things fashion and style.  Now I am living in Seoul, South Korea for one year to teach English to elementary school students, and I absolutely love my job and working with the kids. While in Seoul, I have also launched my brand new blog called, Faith in Style!

Where can readers find out more about you?

You can find out more about me on my personal style blog, Faith in Style at!  On my blog I write and post pictures all about my personal style, my faith, fashion tips/advice, current Korean fashion trends, my life in Korea, and monthly I discuss different charitable causes that use different forms of fashion as a vessel to help others, and better the world.

Also, you can follow me on my various social media accounts:
Instagram & Twitter: @faith_instyle
Pinterest: @faithinstyle

What are your biggest passions?

My passions are God, my family, my boyfriend, fashion/style, traveling the world, and charitable work. I live my life in pursuit of my passions and dreams. I feel undeservingly blessed to have lived out so many dreams in my life already. Thankfully, I have a very wonderful family and boyfriend, who have supported my aspirations. I have had many opportunities to travel and live abroad, and now I have the opportunity to passionately share with my readers all about my style, faith, and life.

How did you first become interested in what you do? Why is it important?

My love of fashion really only started in university because most of my life I was a tomboy. Growing up I never wore a dress or anything that remotely resembled girl’s clothing. During that time I felt more comfortable in baggy cameo pants than a frilly pink frock. My Mom had to force me in to pink overalls once for a father-daughter dance because a dress was utterly out of the question for me, and she refused to allow me to go in dirty old jeans. Thankfully times have changed, and as I’ve matured in to a woman my tastes have changed as well. These days you will find me in array of feminine dresses, and I am no longer repulsed at the sight of anything pink. During university I started to develop my own personal style. I was influenced by Japanese street fashion, and other power bloggers with amazingly chic style sensibilities. These same bloggers influenced and encouraged me to start my own blog, and share my opinions and ideas on fashion/style. I think what I do is important because it empowers me to express myself with the way I dress, and with the words I write. I also hope that it empowers other girls to be confident and comfortable in themselves because I am like them; I am not your typical model-shaped blogger. I have curves and an athletic shape so I want girls like me to feel beautiful in their own skin.

As an expat living in Korea, how would you describe the Korean fashion scene?

The Korean fashion scene is completely different from Californian fashion. Back home girls dress in a more casual laid back, and revealing manner. While Korean girls are more often dressed in a feminine and conservative way. I actually really like Korean fashion because in many ways it is so different than American fashion. So I enjoy mixing styles, and shopping at the various fashion districts within the city because they offer such different types of styles. I also love that fashion is easily accessible and affordable; you can buy some of the cutest clothing while in the subway station at extremely cheap prices. Who doesn’t like a deal?! Actually people across Asia come to Seoul just to shop because it is known for its cute and cheaper priced fashion.

What would you say to other liberal artist like yourself seeking general creative advice while living in Korea?

My advice is to always be yourself, and focus on your goals that you want to accomplish while abroad. Also, developing a network of people in your respective industry is highly important to achieving success or at least developing some friendships. Living abroad can be a lonely place so my main advice is to be yourself, get out where ever you are and meet people, and to find inspiration in all the little things you encounter. More often than not you will find someone with similar interests and shared experiences that will inspire you, and connect you to them for a lifetime.

What fashion style or advice would you like to see on District Gal?

I think District Gal readers would love to see more practical advice on how to incorporate Korean style with their own personal style. So maybe giving some tips/tricks or DIYs would be helpful to readers, who love Korean fashion, but don’t live in the country. Lastly, I would like to see and learn more about different popular Korean designers.

­­Thank you Elyse!  We will do our best to put some more DIY’s on District Gal!!  Drop a few compliments, I’m sure she’d love to hear your feedback.

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