Wardrobe | Spring/Summer Hot Tops 2018

Wardrobe | Spring/Summer Hot Tops 2018

Hello Loves,

I’m sorry it’s been a while for a posting.  There’s been a couple changes in contributors and preparation for a DGal event in Chicago.  We are so excited to bring new events stateside.  Please stay tuned on FB and Instagram for more details!  

It’s getting HOT outside ladies, so can we talk about some cute tops to stay fresh and cute in this season?!  Is anyone over the off-the-shoulder look?  It’s always a classic style for spring and summer fashion, but we think bowtie it up front is a MUST-DO this season.  You can style these with jeans and wear it as a crop top, over a tank with shorts, and over a dress if you want to hide your shoulders.  If you’re plan is to go out for cocktails then get fancy with it and pair it up with a long ruffle skirt.  How about these for a few options to add to your closet?  Let us know what your favorite style is this season.  Don’t forget to #DGalStyles and tag @districtgalista on social media and we’ll be sure to give you a shout out. 

Crossed Wrap Top $15.99

Tied Front Floral Blouse $14.49

Flower Cover Up Top $18.49

Ruffle Strip Knotted Top $ 17.99

Here’s a little something else.

Choker Top $17.52

Flower Top $10.39

Ruffle Midi Skirt $13.25

What do you think about some of these?  For more Zaful style tops you can visit, here. or click the link to the left and shop away.  Let us know what pieces you end up falling in love with. We’d love to check out your style!

Be who you are! Choose your styles among various tops including tees, t-shirts, blouses, etc. Enjoy great prices for great looks!

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  1. Zesha - 26/09/2018

    Nice top! Reminds me of my high school days when we used to hangout flaunting such beautiful tops at Dubai shopping malls. I wish I could wear those again now.

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