CityLife | Beauties in Malaysia Inspiring Young Women Around The Globe

CityLife | Beauties in Malaysia Inspiring Young Women Around The Globe

Many of us have preconceived notions about the beauty industry, especially in regards to pageants. We think they’re superficial and full of shallow women but do we ever stop to consider how powerful these organizations are in delivering national, regional, and even international attention? Or the ways in which they celebrate different forms of beauty? And that maybe these women are doing more than holding up trophies and wearing tiaras?

 Miss Grand Malaysia is one such organization that holds beauty pageants with an aim to put a stop to violence with their STOP THE WAR and VIOLENCE campaign, whether domestically or globally in order to address the daily battles women face. It might be systemic discrimination, or domestic abuse since violence is both implicit and explicit – it may be loud or it may be committed in silence, taking all shapes and forms. But violence against women and children, and the impact wars have on future generations are issues that affect us all. War however, isn’t simply conflict that occurs between countries, it can occur within closed doors in our own homes, resulting in abuse and violence.  

Their focus is to empower the community, creating a positive environment for women and children. For women, the 2018 queens will be assisting the Women’s Aid Organization in Malaysia to further promote its cause, working hand in hand with the reigning 2017 queen, Sanjeda John while the 2018 national batch will work with the refugee community as they’ve done in the previous year. Models are reaching out to their communities while fulfilling their dreams!

They’re being advocates and inspiring women and young girls of all ages and that’s something we should all support! Miss Grand Malaysia is turning young women into active global citizens who encourage other women in the modelling industry while motivating members of their community and nation to put an end to violence and help those in need. It’s not just about being able to walk down a catwalk or wearing elegant dresses, it’s being able to face the camera and talk about real social issues and confront them.

So this is obviously an organization that doesn’t simply hand out an award and commemorate pretty, right? But their campaign doesn’t merely stop there. Malaysia is a nation full of diversity and people of different backgrounds so it’s important to recognize and celebrate all the forms of beauty found. Miss Grand Malaysia’s Hall of Fame attests to this celebration of diversification with contestants ranging from all walks of life and the various ethnicities present in Malaysia. It’s about recognizing the vibrant, colourful mosaic that makes Malaysia what it is.

So has your opinion of beauty pageants changed? Because I know ours has.

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  1. Aleya - 23/02/2018

    This is a great reminder that women can be beautiful, smart, and have an impact on the world around them.

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