KoreLimited Clothing perfect during a Pandemic

KoreLimited Clothing perfect during a Pandemic

Good Afternoon Beautiful People!

It feels like a century since DistrictGal has spoke to the world. I do apologize for the late, late, late update on life.

We were sponsored by Korelimited that has amazing new designs for those who like that underground streetwear with a touch of culture. Here’s a few words from this cool Korean brand designer:

1. What do you feel inspired your brand and designs?

Growing up, I always felt connected with my Korean heritage. But today, it’s disheartening to see young kids being out of touch with their background and culture. I wanted to be able to spread this knowledge and create something educational, but in a way that interested them. I thought streetwear was perfect.

2. What trends are you noticing in Korea now with the pandemic?

These days, there is a lot of uncertainty and people are cautious about their health now more than ever. Everyone’s just trying to adjust to all the difficulties. I noticed that in Korea, there’s been a trend of the “City Boy” look. People seem to be wearing clothing that is baggier, and thus more comfortable. I wouldn’t say that the pandemic caused this sort of style to become trendy, but it aligns with how people want to feel these days.

3. What are your most recommended styles on your website?

I’d definitely say that as of right now, the face masks are a great item to have. You can stay safe and rep Korean culture at the same time – it’s a win-win situation! Also, the Royal Hanbok zip up is another one of my favorites because of how elegant and detailed it is.

4. How would you describe the future of fashion worldwide?

It feels as though there are less trendy styles but people expressing their own individual styles through fashion. Especially when we visited Korea last year, we really enjoyed seeing the different style of fashion that we were able to see in the streets. Also loved seeing a wave of streetwear scene in different parts of Seoul as well.

5. Finally, what do you think about DistrictGal and how would you like to expand with Korea style pioneers?

DistrictGal is a great blog that has a lot of interesting content to read. Korean style is often influenced by Korean celebrities (KPOP idols in particular). In the future, I’d like to connect with Korean style pioneers and share my love for my heritage with them.

It’s been a pleasure to share KORElimited with ya’ll! Give us some feedback and let us know what vibes you get from the styles.


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