Sinsa Street Fashion: HUES OF BLUE

Sinsa Street Fashion: HUES OF BLUE

SINSA-DONG is hands down the most stylish of all the districts in Seoul. Garou-Sugil is the main street in Sinsa that is filled with shops and restaurants where Seoulites wander to get a glimpse of true Korean fashion. The street fashion resembles USA’s famous Fashion Avenues in New York, Oak Street in Chicago, or Sunset in Hollywood.

It was a beautiful weekend afternoon in Sinsa to snap photos of polished and radiant couples. Why only couples? Korea is a haven for “matchy matchy” cute couple wear. The options of couples were endless but as you can see below, the best of the best reveal themselves.

This couple FASHION REPORT is filled with SUMMER HUES OF BLUE wardrobe trending which is the new basic black closet staple. Blue is great for the summer. The men in the snaps look like gentlemen while the women look classy. It must be that Cool blue wear style approach.

Check out the pictures below, and let me know which couple is your favorite, and which you think is best dressed? Maybe the more edgy couple? Or the classic couple? Regardless, all of the couples give great ideas if you are looking for that perfect Spring/Summer casual classic style.










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Written by: Yvette Cruz
Edited by: Michelle Ibarra

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  1. Marielle - 22/05/2013

    Nice photos! No one dresses quite like Koreans. Miss spotting the matchy-match couples on the streets 🙂

  2. Tara - 31/05/2013

    wow, I love a pattered shirt on a man, and it has such a nice spring look here. also I’ve been looking every where for some good light jeans and finally found these from criminal damage, I can’t wait to style it up with a coat l and sunnies like this.

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