Wardrobe Styles: Shopping at Seohyeon Station

Wardrobe Styles: Shopping at Seohyeon Station


Dgal Found this uber cute and affordable shop in Sohyeon.  For those of you who don’t know Sohyeon, it’s a popular shopping and eating area in Bundang.  It’s on the yellow line only two stations from the newer red line, Jeongja station.   As some of you may know, Korea’s shopping is endless so to make it easier for the newcomers in the area looking to shop in Bundang, or maybe you’re too tired to make the hike up toSeoul for shopping, try hopping over to Sohyeon station.  This store carries cute quirky styles and classic tops and bottoms for work or a fun night out with friends.  They also carry hats, bags, and other cute accessories that are on trend.  The staff is super friendly and unlike shops in many areas they allowed a few photos!!  


If you head out exit 5, from Sohyeon station, turn right and walk out of AK Plaza it will be only 3 mins out the exit and you can find Episode J2 on your left, near the Nike shop.  Drop a comment if you make it on over to the shop, and let us know what you thought of the store’s vibe!

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