Styling The Editor, Michelle Ibarra

Styling The Editor, Michelle Ibarra

Michelle Ibarra had a cool closet full of chic things to play with – classy tops, tribal skirts, modern blazers, and multiple racks of shoes. It was a fantastic styling day! District Gal readers know l love to take ideas from Korean district trends, so I decided to give Michelle a look that gives a modernized International Korean statement. Michelle is wearing a denim jacket, butterfly blouse with a chunky square necklace under the collar for that sophisticated effect, a tight printed skirt that shows off her hump (popular conscious asset in the west), light grey tights, and shiny – but not over the top – gold shoes. Korean woman show off their best qualities in other ways that coexist within the culture, their sexy style mindset is completely different from most other places in the world. What’s the rationale behind the short mini-skirts? They like to work the two extremes together with a loose/flowy top. Opposites attract, right? At the end of the day after straightening Michelle’s hair, make-up and putting together an ensemble that brings out Michelle’s best qualities it was time to hit the cat walk and snap a few photos in Sinsa.

Check out Michelle’s interview and drop a comment. 😉

Hello Distict Gal! Well…I am 26 years old, from San Diego, California and have been living in Korea for two years. I am a full-time English teacher and part-time student, only one year left to get my M.A in Education!

What are your biggest passions?
I love travelling and shopping! The two go together quite well don’t you think?

How did you first become interested in what you do? & why is it important?
My first experience living abroad was in college, I lived in Argentina and just fell in love with travelling Being pushed out of comfort zone, living with unfamiliar people, and exploring an unfamiliar country is soooo enlightening. After graduation, I decided to work for a bit in California but knew I wanted to keep living abroad so I decided on Korea. Next on the agenda is Spain! Fall 2013 baby!

As an expat living in Korea, how would you describe the Korean fashion scene?
CONSERVATIVE. The US circa 1955. Simple, clean lines, cute, a few girls are edgy but for the most part everyone dresses very similar. I love the fashion nonetheless, it is different from other countries and definitely has its own uniqueness but I guess I like my clothes just a bit more sexified.

What would you say to other liberal artist like yourself seeking general creative advice while living in Korea?
ASK QUESTIONS. Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid. Be honest, ask openly and if someone is unhelpful, there are always others. The best people will be there for you, and with that you will feed off each other. Don’t give up on doing what you love.

What fashion style or advice would you like to see on District Gal?
Themed photo shoots, which I know are in the works but I love themes, maybe it is the sorority girl in me but the idea of couple shots, sports themed fashion, or pool party fashion is so fun! It forces people to get creative but still look fabulous and sexy.

Where can you find Michelle?
Michelle is a social Seoulite who struts around with District Gal, and every now and then you can find her tips about Korea on Girls Gone International magazine.

Michelle’s Gangnam Secrets

Michelle Collage 3

Michelle Collage 2 streetstyle







Blouse: Korea Styles
Jean Jacket: H&M
Leggings: Korea Styles
Necklace: Forever 21
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Carlos

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