Top 7 trends from USA fashion weeks

Top 7 trends from USA fashion weeks

Top 7 Trends from U.S.A. Fashion Weeks We all want to look great therefore, fashion week is a period we all look forward to so as to find out what is in and what is out. The U.S.A fashion weeks come and go but they leave behind stunning trends everyone is voracious to try. Some trends seem to defy time since they appear repeatedly on the runways like the color black.

Various designers have showcased their talent and audacity in their clothing and the top trends from the American runways are the following:

1. Blocking

  •  This trend has splashed the runway with color. Blocking is displayed on the runway with dresses, coats, and other clothing have been embellished with blocks of different colors.
  •  Another form of this trend is the sewing of different materials together such that they create a patched, jig-saw puzzle appearance. This trend is great for all seasons.

2. Transparency

  • Various fashion events have featured this trend including the New York fashion week. For a daring woman, this trend comes with the undeniable allure of showing lots of skin.
  • There are plenty of chic and stylish ways to wear this trend making it quite sought after.

3. Knitwear

  • This is a timeless look that has made an appearance on the runway. The oversized, fluffy, statement knitwear displayed on the runways is absolutely amazing.
  • Anyone can try out this trend in a toned down way and look great. Abstract prints have also been incorporated into this trend making the clothing pop even more.

4. Asymmetry

  • Tapered skirts, uneven necklines, different length sleeves are just a few of the mesmerizing ways designers have chosen to have fun with the Asymmetrical trend.
  •  This is a fun trend that creates a more informal look. You can try clothes with different sized pockets for a toned down version of this creative trend.

5. Black

  • We all love black. Not just because it matches with everything in our closets but also because it is a high fashion color.
  • Black is classic and stunning and designers have embraced this color on fashion week runways. Sometimes it is even the main color in an entire fashion show. Be more creative with this color and find out for yourself how interesting it can be.

6. Collarless Coats

  • Collarless coats are very fashionable and should be in everyone’s closet. These coats have been seen on New York fashion week and is a favorite for many people.
  • The coats create a lovely silhouette and they come in various elegant forms.

7. Neon colors

  • Neon is one of the trends that has been seen repeatedly on fashion week. This trend has been incorporated to add color and detail to clothing.
  • For a normal day you can wear a neon colored top under a dull colored jacket or with dull colored pants.

Have fun with the trend and see what you can come up with Conclusion Fashion is a major part of life and we dare not miss out on the latest trends. Incorporate some of the above trends in your wardrobe for a chic and stylish everyday look.

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