CityLife: #Kangol_Hongdae Varyd Exhibition 2016.03.10-03.27

CityLife: #Kangol_Hongdae Varyd Exhibition 2016.03.10-03.27

Here, on DGal, it’s not only about my personal style and various street styles, it’s also about sharing the love with fashion people like talented local designers to help showcase their unique brands. This helps you stylish readers find those special pieces that belong in your closet. Varyd clothing line designed by Rydia Kim presents her new line in collaboration with #Kangolhats – the shop is located in Hongdae, #Seoul. (Where all the cool artists and hipster chic dudes and dudettes hang!) The exhibit runs from March 10 – 27th.  If you doll faces haven’t seen it yet, you are totally missing out on the next best thing.  If you can’t make it then you can “like” the sneak preview of pics brought to you on DGalzine. Each #Varyd piece at the exhibition had it’s own character. Finally, art and fashion done the right way.  What are you waiting for? You still have time to pop over to Hongdae within the next couple of days.  Some words from the #Varyd creator herself below!


Rydia in the middle with her Varyd clothing models

1) What inspired your new denim collection?

Denim is a timeless classic material. It can go from casual to luxurious and is always in style. As Varyd focuses on variety based on unisex streetwear we thought denim would be ideal with its international appeal. As always we love to mix different textures and fabrics together so look closely for all the mixtures we put together!

2) How did Varyd & Kangol come together? Who’s Varyd’s next collaboration with?

We were approached by Kangol a few months back. They were initially interested in having us make one piece for the exhibition. When we met Michelle, the director in charge, she made an executive decision to give us the entire exhibition! We wound up incorporating Boyane our collaborating artist for this Nutty Earworm collection and Argus Jung an amazingly talented photographer for the Behind the Scenes.

We have yet to release this information publicly but! Varyd has been picked up by an American fashion brand management/distribution company called Mattson Global. We are now working on getting Varyd out to the LA Fashion Market Week in June! We cannot be more excited.

3) What can visitors expect? And how can they make an order?

The opening event was great. I am thinking that it is not quite as popping and crowded now. I would recommend getting a cup of coffee from the downstairs Kangol cafe and taking a slow and easy walk around the exhibition space on the 3rd floor. There are clothes on mannequins, behind the scenes photos that tell an excellent story as well as Boyane’s original art pieces.

Shop our collection online at our site: We are happy to announce our Korean website is well underway! We are unable to take credit card payments as of yet for both English and Korean sites. However, we take PayPal and Korean bank transfers!

4) Which design are your absolutely most satisfied with?

For this Nutty Earworm collection… The Musical Helmet Unisex Tank Top – Drums is a straight up killer in its fantastic mix of denim and mesg with stellar artwork. The Nutty Doll Suspender Crop Top along with the Nutty Doll Circle Skirt is to die for really. Our model Heshina really knocked it out of the park and I can see so many women rocking those items in both cuteness and in sexiness anywhere anytime.

5) And last, but not least, any other words you’d like to share with DGal fans?

We have had the pleasure to have been featured a couple years back when we were just starting and we would like to thank you District Gal as well as the DGal fans for having taken an interest in us.  We promise to continue to grow and to delight you with fun empowering ethical fashion! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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Ubber cute postcards on the wall at the exhibit.

IMG_0023 IMG_0022 IMG_0026 IMG_0138

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MUST-HAVE!! Maybe you’ll see this next on an #OOTD
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DGal & Consteller DL, Korean Designer

Kangol Varyd Model Rydia Kim Designer Varyd Model Varyd ClothingVaryd, Mike Ian, Seoul EBS Journalist, Varyd

 Check out more fun photos on the Facebook page: @districtgalista! xoxo~ 

Address to Exhbition: 마포구 서교동 401-20 (A few blocks out of Exit #5 from Hapjeong station)

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