Korean Street Fashionisto: Say Hello to Mr. Dandy

Korean Street Fashionisto: Say Hello to Mr. Dandy

Dandy also known as Hyunwoo Noh has been a longtime DGal fan and friend.  Here are some Korean fashion snaps of Dandy (a young Korean entrepreneur) and also a little bit about his K-style.  Welcome Dandy!! 🙂



HyunWoo Noh [Nickname – Dandy.Noh], Living in Suwon but frequently Going around Seoul]

노현우 [닉넴 – 댄디.노], 수원에 살고있지만 자주 서울을 들락거립니다.

2. What are your passions?

Firstly, I feel my passions are things I like and enjoy and things I get to do every day.  As Co-Founder & Director of a small Start-Up named ‘Better World’.  For about 2 years, I have been able to run my business “Job Sorting” which provides a social curation Korean website for career information. Even if there’s no particular profit yet, I love trying to make the business grow little by little.

Secondly, I like to challenge myself to achieve and go above and beyond, as well as create something exciting for the youthful community. Last, but not least I like challenges and I want the youth in today’s society to feel empowered and I want to start a fire in their lives where they aren’t afraid to say what they want like myself.  Also, I’m beginning to take part in a new position at  ‘Megabrain Co.’, charge in which is a Hotel Reservation Service ‘Tovingo’, which is for going abroad.  I make presentations about other wonderful business ideas as well and will be travelling soon to WIT Tokyo, Japan. I’m looking forward to going there!!

첫번째로 저는 제가 좋아하는 일을 할때마다 열정을 느낍니다. 저는 현재 작은 스타트업인 ‘Better World’라는개인회사의 공동창업자이며, 홍보를 담당하고 있습니다. 성장성이 높고 안정적인 기업인데 반해, 저평가되어있는 기업들을 분석 & 발굴하여 해당 채용정보를 취준생들에게 추천해드리는 ‘Job Sorting’ 라는 서비스를 2년째 운영하고있는데요. 아직까지 사업을 하면서 뚜렷한 수익은 없지만, 조금씩 더 성장하도록 노력하는 것자체가 너무나 좋습니다.

두번째로는, 저는 뭔가 매력적인 일에 도전하는 것과 다른 사람들의 선입견과 시선에 크게 신경쓰지 않고, 저의 진짜 인생을 위해 젊음을 불태우는 것이 참 좋습니다. 저는 이제 또한 ‘Megabrain’이라는 회사에서도 일을하게 되는데요. 글로벌 제휴시장 진출을 위해 론칭된 호텔예약서비스 ‘Tovingo’를 담당하고, 이 서비스에 관한프리젠테이션을 하기 위해 곧 도쿄, WIT Japan 2014에 참여합니다. 너무 기대가 됩네요!

도전하는것은 정말로 멋진 일입니다. 저는 나이를 먹는다해도 이러한 도전정신을 멈추지 않을것입니다.

Korean fashion

3.  From your perspective as a Korean, how would you compare Korean and American fashion?

I’m not sure how to make the standard in fashion to compare Korean and American but what I’m sure is that Korea is fashion-conscious. It could be good or bad at the same time. So many people in the streets are wearing trendy items but tend to look too conventional.  I’ve heard every style has its own philosophy so I am trying to create a new style for myself nowadays I hope people who read it get their color, style from themselves and not by focusing on the instant trends that are popular. Frankly, I haven’t thought about the fashion of America… so I’m not able to compare it.

저는 미국과 한국의 패션 기준(차이)을 어떻게 구분해야할지 잘 모르겠습니다. 그러나 제가 한가지 확실한건한국은 확실히 유행에 민감하다는 것입니다. 이게 좋을수도 있고 나쁠수도 있겠지만, 많은 사람들이 자신만의 색다른 무언가를 찾는것보다, 유행하는 아이템만을 따라가는 것 같습니다. 모든 스타일에는 고유의 철학이 담겨있다고 들었습니다. 그래서 저는 요즘, 저만의 것을 찾기 위해 노력하고 있습니다. 저는 이 글을 읽는많은 사람들이, 그저 인스턴트식의 트렌드만 쫓는 것이 아니라, 본인만의 컬러와 스타일을 찾으셨으면 합니다. 사실 저는 미국패션에 대해 생각해본적이 없어서… 어쨌든 한국이랑 미국을 비교하기가 어렵게 느껴집니다.

Korean fashion

6. My style is….

About 4-5 years ago, Dandy style an onlne-shopping mall brought a great deal of popularity and I took my nickname from it so, I might be one of the people who are just following the trend. I used to wear clothes girls like more than trying to have my own sense of style. But now, I’m totally different than  in the past. I’m making more of an effort to fill my own color & atmosphere. It’s based on Dandy I like to call it ‘Dandy.Noh Style’.

4-5년전쯤, 온라인 쇼핑몰에서 ‘댄디스타일’이 한창 붐을 일으켰고, 저의 닉네임 또한 이곳에서 따왔습니다.어쨌든 저도 그저 유행에만 따라갔던 사람일지도 모릅니다. 저는 저만의 스타일을 찾기보다는, 주로 여자들이 좋아하는 (남자들이 입었으면) 옷들을 입었었으니까요. 그러나 이제 저는 예전과는 확실히 다르다고 생각됩니다. 저만의 색깔과 느낌을 채우기위해 노력하고 있기때문입니다. 저만의 스타일은 ‘댄디 스타일’에 기초하긴 하지만, ‘댄디노 스타일’이라고 부르고싶습니다.


7. Describe what you love on District Gal.

I love the philosophy of DistricGal. It has special, and unique philosophy, which I appreciate.  It’s not only showing the fashion but also, sharing people’s thoughts, lives. How wonderful it is. I hope DistricGal keeps sharing more and more fashion and people. It’s going to be one of those special places in the fashion market.

저는 DistricGal이 가지고 있는 특별한 컨셉과 철학이 너무 좋습니다. 그저 패션 스타일만 보여주는 것 뿐만 아니라, 사람들의 생각과 삶을 공유하고자 하기 때문입니다. 진짜 멋진듯!! 저는 DistricGal이 지금처럼 꾸준히노력해서, 패션업계에서 특별한 플랫폼으로 자리잡기를 진심으로 응원합니다.

Korean fashion


It’s perfectly easy to get in contact with me on Facebook. Fill my name(HyunWoo Noh) in the search bar and you’ll never miss me. Since you’ve seen my pics on DistricGal already and I have an Instagram Id too. Please add me @dandynoh.

페북에서 저를 찾기는 완전 쉬워요. 이름창에 HyunWoo Noh라고 쓰시면, 바로 찾을 수 있습니다. 이미 제 얼굴은 아시겠죠? DistricGal 에 올라왔으니 ㅎㅎ 인스타그램도 하고 있는데, dandy_noh 로 찾아보세요. 🙂

korean fashion

10. WHAT FASHION STYLE OR ADVICE can you give to the boys?

Check your fit, Find well-matched colors that fit you, It’s never too late to define your own style.

Keep it up 😀 and let’s share together on DistrictGal~!!

Fit 과 본인에게 가장 잘어울리는 색깔을 찾아보세요. 그게 자신만의 스타일을 찾는데 가장 첫 시작이 아닐까 생각됩니다. 파이팅!! 우리 함께 각자의 멋진 색깔을 DistricGal에서 나눠봐요~!!

No hay vida sin fatigas 🙂
No pain No gain ¡!

korean fashionKorean StreetstyleKorean style

As minor as they might seem, they make the biggest difference; Dandy combined tints of blue and green in his outfit.  Green blazer with a dark green dotted tie, sky blue shirt, and camouflage pattern shoes to complete a stylish stand out look!

Alba Watch 180,00 won | Adle Bracelet 17,000 won | Tie 20,000 won | Korea Online Shop Delika, Blazer 70,000 won | Plac Jeans 120,000 won | Flyday Shoes 30,000 won

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