DGal Style Friendship Recipe

DGal Style Friendship Recipe

Things To Do with Your Besties 

Girls!! Fall is here!! It’s an absolutely beautiful time of year.  Although there is still a little time before the year comes to an end, it’s never to early to get started on writing those personal 2017 goals.  How about connecting more with your home girls? Whether they are your childhood friends, work friends, a small group or a close friends – we build on our friendships every day. One 2017 DGal goal is to hold on tight to those special girls like they’re each a fancy bottle of wine. Or for #DGal it would be Tequila.  

Fashion is the DGal way to connect, but definitely not the only way! Recently, I saw something on Instagram that read, “Build w/ya friends, don’t compete!” This was one of the inspirations behind this post.

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DGal Shop N Swap & Girl’s Night Out GGI Event

Women don’t share the love with one another nearly enough. Women are stronger together and more beautiful together. In this recipe, you will find some fabulous, fun things to do to make you feel more connected. You don’t have to follow this recipe in any specific order nor do it all in a day. It takes time for us to get to know one another. It could even help you find something new to do this weekend!

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Left Pic: Shrimp Mango Quesadilla from Vatos Tacos | Right Pic: Delicious Steamed Korean Mandu

Here are DGal’s 15 Things To Do:

  1. Shop Till You Drop: Spend the Day shopping in an area you haven’t tried yet or share some of your favorite online shopping sites
  2. Foot Massage: Go to a tourist area and get a massage that has a deal for two.
  3. Try a #Skinfood #blacksugar #scrub facial, or a face mask at home
  4. Buy and compare your favorite beauty product and trade your beauty secrets
  5. Share fun life stories
  6. Go Salsa Dancing
  7. Get Giant Margaritas
  8. Get Dolled Up and Try a New Dessert
  9. Take lots of photos and videos together and post them on all your Social Media
  10. Share your favorite music (Try the AirTime App. You can FaceTime while sharing music)
  11. Try to cook a new recipe together 
  12. Eat food from different countries at your favorite restaurants
  13. Check Out Beer Festivals and Wine Tastings
  14. Talk about your favorite inspirational books
  15. Last but not least, chat about the BOYS
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Photo Credit @MySeoulPhotography s/o @yvonnefloresxoxo & @vendettalour @hana_muv

The last one always seems to be one of the first things we talk about. Girls! A little here and there is okay, but they don’t run our lives. We need to stop talking about the boys so much and focus on positive life changes that can help empower women of this generation and the next generation. If you are with me then like, share. and comment on this post! #girlpower

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Thanks for reading! What do you think? What are some ways that, every now and then, you show your girlfriends what they mean to you? 



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