Citylife: Spotlight on A Fat Girl’s Food Guide Fashion

Citylife: Spotlight on A Fat Girl’s Food Guide Fashion

This week’s expat spotlight is on Gemma from A Fat Girl’s Food Guide Seoul. She is well known for her taste in food – today DGal shares her chic style. We met out and about in Haebongchong, and as a fashionista I couldn’t help but recognize her individualistic fashion sense that I know DGal readers would love to learn more about. Food and fashion, of course they go together!

What are the two biggest F’s in life? (Not that one, silly.) Food and Fashion, of course! These fields blend deliciously as DGal sits down with Gemma Wardle of A Fat Girl’s Food Guide to bring you a sneak peak into her food and fashion insights.


Gemma Wardle, Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea. I created the food blog A Fat Girl’s Food Guide to Eating in Korea. It’s basically a guide for anything delicious to eat or drink in Korea.


2. When and why did you a Fat Girl’s Food Guide?

I first started my blog just over four years ago. I have always loved food and as a person living in a different country it was really important to me to have access to the foods I love. Whenever I found something good to eat I would always tell my friends about it, but it seemed as though I was constantly repeating myself. So I started writing down my reviews and recipes and began sharing them. Of course the information was valuable to more than just my friends, and it kind of just grew from there.

3. How would you describe your personal style?

It has certainly developed over the years. As I’ve been varying shades of overweight my whole life, it has taken me a long time to learn which looks and styles flatter my body the most. Now that I have lost weight I’m kind of like a kid in a candy store! I am wearing all the things I could never try when I young because I couldn’t really quite pull them off then.  I tend go for a slightly vintage look, and right now I’m kind of obsessed with the 70s. I’ve also always enjoyed accessories, especially hats and necklaces. I like anything sparkly, too. I’m a total magpie.


4. Your style is gorgeous!! Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

My inspiration probably comes from old TV shows and movies. If I like something I see, I’ll try to replicate it and then mix it in with some newer, more on-trend pieces. I love to mix the old and the new.

5. What do food and fashion have in common?

Probably the fact that they are both so creative, and that the styles and trends change regularly. Both food and fashion are fluid media. In food you can combine the same ingredients in different ways to make completely different meals, and the same can be said for fashion, where you can put the same pieces together to create totally new looks. The basic elements in #food and #fashion rarely change but there always seems to be something new.

6. How do you balance your life doing what you do in a foreign country?  Do you have any recommendations for others trying to do the same?

In Korea, my working hours are actually much shorter than they ever would be at home, so that leaves me plenty of time to pursue my foodie interests. It is important to use your time wisely! Time spent doing something you really enjoy is time well spent. I don’t consider time working on my blog as work, since it is something I am really passionate about. To me it is just like writing a diary, and it has just become part of my daily life.

7. How do you feel about the street styles in Seoul?

Honestly, sometimes I feel like the street style in, say, Hongdae is a bit out there, but I guess that just comes down to it being the preference of a new generation. When I first came to Korea 7 years ago, everyone looked very polished, there were lots of tailored looks and high heels, but nowadays it is more sporty and over-sized.  Sometimes I see things and think, OMG I could never wear that.  Although, while I may not appreciate the look as a whole, there are aspects, be they accessories, a cute bag, or just how something is being worn, that inspire me to do something new with my own look.

8. What would you like to see more of on DGal and what would you recommend to DGal fashionistas?

Maybe some tips and a “How to” for putting together different looks and styles might be nice. Also, an article on what to wear in the rain would be great. I hate monsoon season as it’s impossible to find an outfit that is appropriate for work that keeps you cool, and is still fashion forward. My maxi skirts and dresses really don’t work for rainy days, so I’ll take any advice you have, lol.


9. Can you share your guilty pleasure with us?

Eating pizza while lying on my sofa watching reality tv shows. Though I don’t really feel guilty about that! I’m also obsessed with handbags, especially Chanel. I’ll often watch YouTube videos of people unboxing their new ones. I think it comes from losing and gaining so much weight over the years… Handbags always fit!

10. Where can people go to learn more about you?

Check out my food blog, follow me on instagram @fatgirlsfood, or visit A Fat Girls Food Guide to Eating in Korea FB page.

11. Any chance of any future collaborations with D’Gal in the Future?

I had so much fun doing this shoot that it is certainly a possibility!



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