DGal Wardrobe: How to do Green on Green

DGal Wardrobe: How to do Green on Green

Hey District Loves!

What’s your favorite color? Do you have a lot of that color in your closet?  DGal’s color is GREEN!

 Green On Green: Army green is a super versatile color that you should add to your wardrobe.  A contrasting fabric combination between a scoop neck knit sweater, satin cargo pants along with black stripped high top sneakers exude a neutral feminine look. Adopting new season Panama hat brings a chic street style. Do you like satin material in cargo style? How do you apply your own neutral-cool elements in army green?  Style now!









Where to find a similar look? Check out these recommended styles just for you! 


Reclaimed Vintage Boyfriend Combat Trousers

Replay Cargo Style Pants 

Army Green High Neck Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Sweater

Satin Bomber Jacket

Adidas Mi Superstar 80s sneakers

Contributing Fashion Writer: Gina Lee

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  1. Steph Kerr - 30/05/2016

    Love the style! Keep it up!

  2. Sis - 30/05/2016

    Army green has always been my favourite colour. It’s easy for doing mix-and-match. It’s a longlasting fashion colour that is never outdated.

  3. Jenn kert - 30/05/2016

    this look is perfect for spring and autumn, and it can be made casual or dressy

  4. ANNE DAVIS - 01/06/2016

    What a nice post! Attractive contents makes me want to get one set “GREEN ON GREEN” !

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