CityLife: Expat Networking Event, Korean Racing Association

CityLife: Expat Networking Event, Korean Racing Association

How’s everyone’s summer going?  Here at DGal there are so many new, exciting things to share with you! This is at the top of the list.
So grateful and appreciative of this one-of-a-kind experience.  A huge thank you to the KRA, The Korea Racing Association & Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel Seoul for hosting an amazing networking event for expat bloggers in Korea. It was a novel experience that every foreigner in Korea should share with a group of friends.  KRA located at Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel, a top hotel in Seoul, invited several expat bloggers living in Korea to be a part of the launching of their new Off-Track Horse Betting Lounge, which is open exclusively to foreigners.
The bloggers at My Seoul Searching, The Toronto Seoulcialite, A Travel Lady Bug, The Nerdventurist, and The Soul of Seoul visited several places, including: KRA VIP rooms, CLOCK16 Restaurant, Pizza Hill, Aston House, their Korean Buffet restaurant, unfortunately their pool isn’t open yet, but if you want to explore the hotels photos and gallery, click here.
5 Fabulous Thoughts
1. The experience is an absolutely new and marvelous Thing To Do in Seoul.
2. The service is impeccable. Foreigners living in or visiting Korea can communicate with a friendly staff fluent in English.
3. The staff will guide visitors through every step needed to learn about betting on a horse so the odds aren’t stacked against them.
4. The hotel is STUNNING inside and out.
5. It’s such a fun, unique, and chic thing to try in Seoul with friends, family, or a loved one.
The pictures look great, but they don’t even do the hotel and betting lounge justice! Check out the facility for yourself to get an interesting and FREE hands-on experience. Not only are they foreigner-friendly, they’re also on-point with their etiquette. The staff knows exactly how to help you with your language and strategy struggles when it comes to #offtrack #horsebetting. Has anyone else tried this before in other cities?
The KRA betting lounge has a promotion happening this month.  You can enjoy FREE entry, beverages & snacks, and a 5,000 Won betting voucher (100 Won minimum bet, this means a total of 50 bets free)!  Finally, if you’re curious about more check out the fellow bloggers mentioned to see more pictures of the lounge and to find out what their experiences were like.
Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel Room

Hotel Room


Betting Lounge & ₩1,000 More Rich

KRA Lounge VIP Rooms

New York City, Paris, London, & Sidney VIP Rooms

Soul of Seoul Blog Picture

The Crew

Korean Fashion, Bershka


Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel

Breakfast Please!

The pictures below are images of the Aston House where Paris Hilton is known to have stayed for a TV show, one of the six restaurants, the room for me, DGal, and the views from the east side of the river.

Aston House


Lovely Places

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DGal Collage

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