Wardrobe | Let’s Talk FSJ Shoes

Wardrobe | Let’s Talk FSJ Shoes

When is the next post? Nobody knows! It’s been chaotic with all of our moving, but we’re getting settled and will get back on schedule soon.  Note to self- stop making big changes at the last minute, but it’s so much more exciting this way!

I am SO ecstatic to start wearing bootieshigh-knee boots, and snow boots (one of our editors already has).  I love summer, but it’s exhausting having to constantly get a pedicure during summer when my toes are always out saying hello (Don’t get me wrong- my toes are cute!).  Still, now that the seasons are turning I can channel that cash to shop for a pair of new BOOTS! And with that I am sharing a fabulous new shoe brand: FSJ Shoes A cool aspect of the site is how you can customize your searches- shop by heel height, occasion, or fashion elements. You can even customize your shoes without breaking the bank!  (You’ll have to stay in touch to check out the shoes I designed that are being made as we speak.) I almost died going through the denim and vintage shoe selections. It was a constant internal monologue of OMG….love, love, love!!  You won’t regret checking out this site, but ladies your shoe shopping might get out of control. Since when is that a problem? Never. Shop your heart out!    

What shoes are you planning on living in this fall?  I might just allow my leopard print shoes to roam free again now that they’re back in style.

Click here for more pumps and cute autumn booties.

stilettos heels white stilettos heels | black stilettos heels 

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