WARDROBE | Floral and Embroidery Must-Have Dresses for Spring

WARDROBE | Floral and Embroidery Must-Have Dresses for Spring

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What vibes are you feeling for spring and summer? In Korea when the weather gets warm it is all about off shoulder floral tops.  We want to include some Canadian fashion elements to this style since our new Contributor Deb is from Canada. 

“In Canada we love anything from soft pastel looks, to bold, exotic flair in order to showcase individual taste. But our main concern is always the weather, Canadian summers ranging from moderately nice to oppressive heat.”

On to the floral and embroidery Must-Have Dresses for Spring…

Dress shopping can be the most harrowing experience when you simply can’t find the dress for you; it’s either not to your liking or what you envisioned. As someone who’s been there and struggled, spending hours in retail stores browsing through dresses that all look identical or not right for the occasion, a site like STYLEWE could save everyone a whole lot of time!

With customizable sub-categories that let you choose anything from size to silhouette, you’re sure to find an item of clothing that’s right for you in taste and fit. Featuring independent designers, the site promises to offer quality clothing to customers while making a designer’s dream come true – having others wear what they’ve created.

Just knowing that designers have fashioned distinctive pieces makes the online shopping experience a lot more enjoyable and shoppers feel like their purchasing clothing worthy of a catwalk, and yes. That includes dresses as well.

Although it’s still a bleak and depressing winter, considering what you should add to your closet for the next two seasons never hurts, it might even lift your spirits up, and have you anticipate taking a few Instagram shots in the sun.

Gathering a few dresses we had to share, I hope you make that dress-connection and check STYLEWE out!

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3/4 Sleeve Floral Casual Embroidered Midi Dress

The trimming and classy sexiness of embroidered clothing always looks like a work of art with its intricate detail, and with a gorgeous soft floral dress like this, you’ll capture attention wherever you go. Dare I say it even looks like something #KateMiddleton would wear? Regardless, you’re sure to look like a princess.

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Pink 3/4 Sleeve A-line Floral Stand Collar Midi Dress

Simple, chic, and summery. It’s for those of us who aren’t fond of risk-taking but want to be fashion-forward. It’s the perfect pink hue, with sleeves that add the perfect right touch of sophistication. Paired with the right handbag and a pair of Oxford shoes, this dress is perfect for a brunch day with girlfriends or for a cute summer date in the park.

Dress, Summer, Casual

Black Stripes Casual Sheath Midi Dress

Ever wonder if there was a dress that would look good at a day in the office and fantastic with your favorite pair of Converse? We do! That dress definitely exists. It’s simplicity in appearance makes it versatile to accessorize, and ideal for various settings; you could wear it to a casual office meeting, at a college campus, or out on a shopping date with friends.

Spring, Summer, Dress

Casual Printed Sleeveless Crew Neck Mini Dress

Who said tomboys couldn’t go floral? This is for the girls who want to be chic and casual all at the same time. It’s a sleeveless dress perfect for those sweltering hot summer days, and doesn’t require you to sacrifice your sense of style because of the heat. The hem, pattern, and collar all add a notable touch, making this dress worth having and keeping in your closet.


Elegant Ruffled High Low Long Sleeve Cotton-blend Maxi Dress with Belt

Sophisticated, classy, and alluring. This dress was made for the red carpet…or for those of us who want to channel our inner Hollywood celebrity. Maybe there’s a Gala or Benefit you have to get to this month?  The colour of the dress and belt complement one another, so regardless of whether you choose deep pink or black, you’ll look like a bombshell! Appearances might seem deceiving, since it is a long sleeve dress but it’s made out of cotton so it’s nice and light – perfect for an evening out.

Thank you for reading!! Let us know if you try any of the looks and tag us on IG @districtgalista.

Contributor: Debbie J

xoxo~ DGal

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