CityLife: Natural Healthy Whole Food Service

CityLife: Natural Healthy Whole Food Service

South Korea is the place to be for meat lovers.  Korean BBQ and chicken restaurants are on practically every corner of every block regardless of the district.  Koreans love their meat- maybe even more than Australians or Brazilians.  Admittedly it’s not the easiest country to live in for vegetarians or vegans, and even if you’re not a vegetarian it’s hard to maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet that includes veggies.  Unfortunately the costs for vegetables can be pricey and produce is typically sold in family size portions. 

But have no fear! Thanks to Sprout there’s hope to stay healthy in 2017.  We’ve tried their weekly meals and already feel the difference.  Sprout has made it easier to eat clean, and when you eat healthy you feel better in what you wear!  (You’ll definitely have room in those skinny jeans with these daily meals.)  

And come on, how good does this look:

Sprout Korea

What is Sprout Korea? 

Sprout provides healthy and delicious weekly meals to go. All meals are Vegan which means no animal products are used in anything.  They use whole food ingredients and do not use processed items like refined sugar or tofu.

You can pick up your meals for the week at the new location in HBC or take advantage of their new nationwide delivery/pre-order for pick up option.

Put your health first!  Sprout is going to make it easier on you.  Want to know more? They have answered all your questions on their Facebook page: Click here

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Moroccan Salad

The Sprout menu for Feb. 12 & 13 is out now! They have some old favourites including Cheesy Shepherd’s Pie as well as Valentine’s Day specials.  

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Customer Testimonial

Before moving to Korea, I was under the impression that as the culture was influenced by Buddhism, vegetarian dishes would be easy to come by.  I was so very wrong.  

After a year of eating bibimbap and poking the spam out of gimbap, I started to look for alternatives especially since I cannot eat the lunches at my school.  I came across Sprout and got in contact with them immediately. I’ve tried so many of their different dishes and scrumptious desserts. Their salad bowls have been a life-saver for me as I have no access to cooking facilities in my school. Their breakfast pots are brilliant for the busy teacher on the go and Sprout’s desserts are divine.  I would recommend the Creamy Coconut Millet breakfast bowls, particularly if you miss the creaminess of dairy products.  I also adore the Ooey Gooey date squares. Who knew feeling healthy after a delicious dessert was an option?

Sprout has ultra useful meal plan options available as well. Take the stress out of cooking in Korea and visit Sprout! Knowing I’m getting healthy meals in the land of BBQ really puts my mind at ease.

~Sarah R. 

Visit their homepage to checkout their AMAZING giveaways and special deals!  You can also get a surprise discount if you message Sprout on their FB page NOW and mention you heard of them on DistrictGal.  This deal end February 28th. Don’t forget to LIKE our post and share the word.  

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