Tokyo Fashion: Harajuku Street Style

Tokyo Fashion: Harajuku Street Style

On the streets of Harajuku, this spunky fashionista was spotted! As you can see from this trend-setter, the street styles of the 80’s & 90’s are extremely hip in Tokyo, Japan.  These photos were taken in October, so either the Japanese have a strong Halloween spirit or talk about a blast from the past!!  The Japanese love showing their independent style, and this girl stands out from the rest with her cute pigtails, faded hair tips, buckle bag and black & white stripped knee high socks.  It’s a combination most of us might not dare to try.  These photos were taken in Haraujuku on the popular shopping street, Takeshita.  When was the last time you saw a choker necklace?

Harajuku_fashion_01 Harajuku_fashion_02 Harajuku_fashion_03 Harajuku_fashion_04 Harajuku_fashion_05 Harajuku_fashion_06

Editor: Michelle Ibarra

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