Seoul Street Fashion: Blasé

Seoul Street Fashion: Blasé

Let’s take a moment and look at this unique couple separately. Although this woman is wearing all black, her layers and textures, scream out at you.  If this is your style you might want to try combinations of leather like she does here.

The man looks like he’s mixing artsy, school, an ideal look for a night out for casual drinks.   Together, they are wearing precisely the right amount of leather that makes a unique “matchy-matchy” couple statement in Korea.  The man is hot!  The woman is hotter!  Together they’re on fire!

Style Recommendation

Guys try this look but subtract the bag, add some bling-bling accessories and POW! You have an outfit that works from Day to night.  Girls! All black gives you that superhero cat-woman mysterious appeal, it’s October so it’s the perfect time of year to toss out color.  If you’re inspired take a snap and tag us @districtgalista hashtag #dgalchic.



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  1. Diana - 28/10/2013

    love how they guy made a little accent with orange layer.

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