Seoul’s trendy summer clothing store & styles picked out just for you

Seoul’s trendy summer clothing store & styles picked out just for you

Where Do You Go Shopping for the Hottest Trends?  There are so many places to go for fashion and style in Seoul, but only so many have those bright patterns we need for summer.  I found the perfect shop for you to help solve some shopping frustrations you might have.  

A lovely shop on Gyeonggidan road where you can get the cutest summer pieces or unique summer items for an upcoming trip. The prices are affordable, sizes are foreigner friendly, and you can try on clothes in the store, unlike most places in Korea where they prohibit it.

Check out the local store we featured on DGal’s YouTube channel, a local boutique in Gyeonggidan. – a trendy neighborhood that’s only one station away from Itaewon station. This area doesn’t get near enough online exposure.  Many people don’t realize there are several cute restaurants, bars, and a lovely shop like this one right around the corner from the famous foreigner Itaewon district.  Check out the video, I’ll walk you straight there!!  

If you want special discounts from local gems like these in Seoul, don’t forget to hit the “thumbs up” button.  It’s the only way DGal can succeed in getting you what you deserve from online shopping and local clothing stores.  Do you have any shop favorites you’d like to recommend?

Here are some other styles picked out for you and the latest offers worth looking into.  You can get Up to 60% off White Summer Collection at ChoiesJuly Independent Month DiscountsMidi dress&skirts Sale, and 2016 hot – Off-Shoulder dresses and ruffle tops.Up to 60% off!

Summer Wardrobe

  1. Printed Skirt
  2. Mixed Floral Panel Maxi Skirt
  3. Paisley Skirt
  4. Black Floral Maxi Skirt

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