Seoul Street Fashion: Kooky Kidz

Seoul Street Fashion: Kooky Kidz

We love to share the coolest people of the Korean fashion scene.  On October 17-19, we found these Kooky Kidz at Fashion KODE 2013 our heads turned when we saw these stylish Kidz walking around the exhibition, they were a photo-must!

Aren’t their pattern combinations fun? Pattern mixing is so trendy and we love the way they’re working those checkered patterns and touches of color.

The girl’s outfit is practical yet rocking some very unique personal touches. She accessorizes her outfit with a white/red patterned zip clutch, mustard color oxford shoes and the lievre hat style screams Individuality.

Korean men are so wardrobe expressive.  His jean jacket, tied flannel, shorts over leggings with long socks plus tuxedo shoes is a smart and a fashionable way to keep your legs warm. Also, perfect for transitioning a summer wardrobe to fall.

Style Recommendation

Try the girl’s outfit with a mannish blouse and pointy toe high-heeled stilettos for a more sophisticated look to go out for drinks with friends. Boys, this boy is working that beanie so let’s grunge this up by ditching the bag and pair this outfit with a pair of ripped jeans and J SHOES.

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What’s your favorite style?

korean fashion korean fashion
korean fashion

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  1. kkeyes - 12/02/2014

    This girl is the cutest thing ever. I adore the outfit!

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