Seoul CityLife: Different Colors & Different Styles, Fashion Blog by Diana Horsfall

Seoul CityLife: Different Colors & Different Styles, Fashion Blog by Diana Horsfall

Diana and District Gal freinds’ met at Seoul Fashion Bloggers community event about 1 month ago.  Here is a sneak peek of the event on Diana’s blog: WHATIWEARGATHERING .  She is a power fashion blogger and her style is super fashionable!!

Interview with Different Colors & Differnt Styles


“I am a fashion blogger, photographer, model, wife and just fun person.  I love to travel and live in different countries. In my 25 years I have been to 13 countries. Not so much, but I think it is enough to have a big experience in life.  I am from Kazakhstan, lived in Germany since September 2009 till March 2013.

First time, I lived not so far away from Berlin (capital city of Germany), but after 9 month I moved to West part of Germany, and I lived between two cities as Karlsruhe (on the west) and Dresden (on the east), after a year in Germany, I decided to get my second degree, and I moved to Konstanz (southern, on the border to Switzerland), I spend there 2,5 years. Konstanz is very beautiful place in summer, but very boring in winter.  It is very small student city, but I had a great time there. I met there amazing people. I have two degrees today. One is from Kazakhstan Bachelor “Teacher of German and English languages” and my second degree, which I got in Germany. It is linguistics.

In Germany, I worked as a nanny and waitress. You will ask why? I will tell you, I really love little children and I always had fun to have children around me.  I worked with 1 to 4 children (3, 5, 6, 8 years old, the youngest one was 10 month baby).  As a waitress I had so much fun, because I am an open person to meet new people around the world and it was a good practice my knowledge in languages.  The best time of the year was summer, so many tourist.  I am so happy that I was in Germany this time, because I met my husband there.  It changed my life to different routine.”

2.    Where can readers find out more about you?

You can find more about me on my personal blog DIFFERENT COLORS & DIFFERENT STYLES, where I share my fashionable life. Also because I am a big fan of Instagram, you can find me under two accounts:

@queenhorsfall is about my travel life, my vision on the world, my talent to see what you will never notice.

@differentcands is about my style, friends, family.

3.    What are your biggest passions?

My biggest passion is Photography and Fashion!  I love to take pictures of everything and little details are one of my goals when I photo shoot.  I learned how to use Iphone photo camera, but still learning about how to use a professional camera.  Another passion is “fashion”, I always was been interested about styling etc., and my dream was to be a designer one day. But it never happen yet.  Maybe it is my future, who knows.

4.    How did you first become interested in what you do? & Why is it important?

My mother-in-low is a big fan of INSTAGRAM, she walks with her phone and takes pictures when she sees something interesting. She is very talented person. She was my inspiration to start to take pictures. My mother was also a dreamer to be a professional photographer. And I guess I made her dreams to come true.  Since March this year, I started to write a fashion blog, I wanted to show people my style, how foreign fashion can influence my style.

My inspiration is my husband, who supports me and helps me out with taking pics of my outfits. And my friends, who always tells how amazing I am. Haha. I guess I am not so shy, as you think.

When I arrived to Korea, I was surprised how modern and fashionable Korea. I thought it is a perfect place to be a fashion blogger. Because you can be inspired from their Fashion too.

5.    As an expat living in Korea, how would you describe the Korean fashion scene?

I do not know how can I describe it. But I like to see how many girls run in heels, wear cute things. Just being very female, During my life in Europe, it was very rare to see elegant outfits, I do not want to tell anything bad about Europe, they just love to feel comfortable.  Also, I am surprised how Korean trendy are. I am enjoying to see very interesting details on girls when I am in Seoul. Sometimes it inspires me.

6. What would you say to other liberal artist like yourself seeking general creative advice while living in Korea?

My advice is always to be yourself! Do not listen what people say, be honest with everybody and wear with what you feel comfortable. I will never wear anything what doesn’t make me feel like I am.

7. What fashion style or advice would you like to see on District Gal?

I think maybe more chic and different style from different time like 60s, 70s etc.  Also, I would love to know more about Korean designers.

8. Where do you like shopping in Korea?

I like to shop in Sinsa, IFC mall in YEOUIDO, and little cute stores in UJEOUNGBU, where I am living now.

Drop a comment & Say “Hello” to lovely Diana.  Guess what?? We are having a GIVEAWAY!! GIVEAWAY!! GIVEAWAY with love!!  

Check out details here:

Photos by District Gal taken in Hongdae, Seoul

Fashion BloggerFashion BloggerFashion BloggerFashion BloggerFashion BloggerFashion Blogger

Korean Brands:

| Top – Underground Shopping Ujeoungbu |

| Shoes – Daegu Street Shopping |


| Skirt – H&M |

| Necklace  – Germany Shopping |

| Bracelet – H&M (Actually, it’s a necklace worn as a bracelet!!) 🙂 |

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  1. Panda - 25/08/2013

    Amazing Diana! I know her since 2005. She is always creative, open minded and just nice person. Also very good friend. I am proud to have her as friend. Really love her style and wish her dreams come true!

  2. Nilu A - 26/08/2013

    I happened to stumble upon Diana’s space which led me here.. Awesome interview Diana.. Glad to know more about you 🙂

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