SEOUL CITYLIFE: Zenas Hubbard, Photographer

SEOUL CITYLIFE: Zenas Hubbard, Photographer

Zenas Hubbard Photographer

Zenas Hubbard, photographer and Yvette Cruz model of District Gal worked together on an Urban fashion photo-shoot on the streets of Hongdae in Seoul, Korea. Zenas has an attractive background in photography and he is a working Artist with previous shows at galleries throughout New York, Connecticut and Texas. He is a Published photographer with works in Esquire magazine among others and also served as a photojournalist for the New York Post newspaper. He was born in a wooden shack on the Florida Bayou, raised by wild hippies in the pine woods of Texas and forged in steel on the mean streets of New York City. Zenas first fell in love with photography by reading National Geographic as a Kid and started taking pictures at the age of fifteen. At the age of 23 he moved to New York City to attend The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where he attained his Bachelors in Photography.

Zenas Hubbard first moved to Korea in 2008 and was immediately inspired to create a new body of Artwork. For two years Zenas meticulously photographed what he deemed the unique or beautiful aspects and people of Korea on film using a Holga Toy Camera, a conscious choice to express the dreamlike quality of floating through a foreign universe. He returned to New York City in the fall of 2010 to print his Art series and sifted through hundreds of photos to select and print fourteen prints at 30×30 for gallery presentation. He then went on to work for the New York Post newspaper, an experience that lead to a second body of work in digital format about NYC.

Zenas is currently pursuing multiple interests while teaching and living in Korea again. He is part of an Art collective in Seoul and is working with a team to create a collaborative mixed media body of Artworks. He is pursuing galleries in Seoul, NYC and abroad for his Korea Years photo project which is gallery ready. He maintains a website,, which houses his portfolio and from which he blogs about photography and Vegan cooking. As an avid Vegan healthy living enthusiast he hopes to learn how to cook Korean food in a Vegan style and write a Korean Vegan cookbook this year. He will shoot the occasional band or fashionista as inspiration or opportunity arises and hopes to travel more and photograph other countries in the near future. And if time permits he would like to print a series of silk screen panel paintings, do some fashion design, start a couple of business, learn salsa dancing, get a scuba and a paragliding certification and learn healthy Vegan baking!

You can check out Zenas Hubbard’s Photography, read some great photo tips on his photo blog or learn how to make delicious, fast, easy, healthy, Vegan food on his food blog all at You can also find him on facebook, so go by and like his page too.

Zenas Hubbard, Photographer


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