CityLife: Nandini Swaminathan | The Fashion Blogger from Bangalore Making Waves

CityLife: Nandini Swaminathan | The Fashion Blogger from Bangalore Making Waves

Have you ever wondered what it’s like juggling photography, fashion, and beauty? Well read on! We got a chance to talk to Nandini Swaminathan, a blogger from Bangalore (officially known as Bengaluru, one of India’s most progressive cities) who gave us some tips on her sense of style and what it’s like being a fashion and beauty Instagrammer/Blogger.

Her blog Sartorial Secrets is all about fashion and her personal style, and she hopes to inspire readers by what she does (which shouldn’t be difficult because she’s awesome). And just like The Weeknd’s hair used to, Nandini is making waves. She has been featured in magazines where she offers advice for future and current fashion lovers. She has a respect and understanding for the industry and considers it an art form.

Following and being motivated by other bloggers and classic fashion mags, Nandini has created her own presence on social media, melding her love for street style and bright aesthetics. She’s an influential Indian woman who showcases all kinds of trends, bringing others on a fabulous journey through her experiences within the fashion world!

And of course, as a DGAL writer I’m just like anyone else- I love the visuals! IG is a godsend for saving looks as photo references. See what Nandini likes to take photos of and how she gets her unique style out there while keeping up with changing trends. (Bonus: She’s also a foodie / wine lover, so her photos always offer variety that captures the vibrancy and life of Bangalore.)

1. What kinds of photos do you like to take?  

I mostly love the streetstyle aesthetic when it comes to my fashion photos. I also love taking pictures of food, my cat, and interesting sights I see around the city I’m in or when I travel.


2. How would you define your sense of style? 

My style is a mix of casual, combined with at least one statement piece. I love exploring lesser known fashion labels online and mixing and matching different pieces and styles. My style also depends largely on my mood, as it can go from super casual to elegant or tomboyish.

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3. Who are the biggest fashion / beauty influences around you?

I look up to people like Aimee of @songofstyle, @theblondesalad and Nilu from @bighairloudmouth. I also love reading Vogue and Elle, the US and Italia editions, to get inspired.

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4. Any tips for other Instagrammers or startup bloggers? 

Stay true to yourself, and remember that working well on your photography goes a long way. Don’t ever stop creating content and have fun while you do it!

5. Do you follow any trends in Asia? How do you incorporate those trends into your style, and what are the trends on the streets of Bangalore?

I do keep tabs on current trends in Asia. For instance, the focus right now is on ruffles and florals in addition to the off-shoulder trend that’s still going strong. I always try to mix and match trends that I see internationally with Asian fashion trends. In Bangalore, I see a mix of relaxed silhouettes and slightly dressier outfits. In Delhi, where I’m originally from, I see a lot more experimentation in terms of different fashion and makeup trends.

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6. What inspired the bright aesthetic of your personal style? We tend to favor classical neutrals more at DGal, but every now and then we feel festive!

I love playing with colour and experimenting with it. India as a country in itself is all about colours and celebration, and I incorporate that aspect of my culture into what I wear. I’m also inspired by my mom – she’s my biggest fashion inspiration and she loves experimenting with colours and patterns, too.

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7. What do you recommend for someone who’s not brave enough to go bold and bright?

I’d say start with just one key element in a bold colour – it can be an accessory like a bright green pair of heels paired with neutrals, or a pretty, coloured clutch. If you’re not ready to go bright yet, try starting out with pastels. As you gradually incorporate these elements into your accessories, you’ll be able to figure as you go along on how you can use them in your outfits, too!


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