CityLife | Interview with Leah aspiring model in KC

CityLife | Interview with Leah aspiring model in KC

We met Leah through the local KC photography community. We were lucky enough to have coffee together at a super cute vegan shop in KC. The house themed café has two floors and three different sections. They even had a children’s play room.  If you missed the announcement on FB, Leah will share more about our meetup and Kansas City. Super excited to have her join the team!

1. Your full name and Location.

Leah Pilcher, currently in Wichita KS

2. Places you’ve lived or travelled to.

So far, my life has been boring. I have lived in Wichita my entire life however I plan on moving to the KC area in the near future.

3. Why do you feel inspired to pursue modeling, music, and film?

I love the art making process. I choose to search for inspiration wherever I go. When I see a cool piece of architecture my mind immediately thinks about how I could pose with it to make a unique shot.

4. You’re exploring the fashion scene. What trends have you’ve noticed this season?

Velvet has been a big trend! I have had a love hate relationship with the fabric but right now I am loving it.

5. How do you maintain an income and manage around your photo shoots?

Maintaining balance has been difficult for me to learn. I want to be involved in everything which often means leaving no time for sleeping. I barista a few hours a week work on my social media marketing (how I get most of my photoshoots) the rest of the week. Additionally, I am a columnist for a small magazine out of Detroit.

6. What have been the most memorable travel moments for you?

This past winter when I went to NYC I visited Carrie Bradshaws apartment. As a Sex in the City fan that was a major fan girl moment.

7. Do you have any interest in Asian fashion? Specifically Korean fashion?

As I am growing as a model, I have expanded my fashion knowledge in other markets. I find inspiration in all fashion and appreciate the simplicity yet class in Korean fashion and hope to adapt those trends in my daily style.

8. How would you describe fashion in Kansas City?

I would describe KC fashion as classy but yet still casual.

9. Describe your sense of style? How do you put together outfits for your shoots?

My style is eclectic. I love adding layers to my outfits. I have a separate clothing rack specifically for my jackets and vests and own over 20 pieces of outerwear. When wardrobe is not provided for shoots, I try to create outfits with a few extra layers. It can make modeling a little easier because if I run out of posing ideas, I can play with the accessories!

10. Why did you decide to join DistrictGal? 

As stated earlier, I love the creative process. When preparing for auditions, classes, and photo shoots, I often times find myself Instagram searching #fashionblogger. Fashion sites have been a huge help for me in my personal life and I would like to be a part of the movement.

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