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Kim’s Boutique is a wholesale shop in Itaewon, Seoul, Korea. This shop is a definite head turner. Itaewon is a popular area for tourist and westerners living in S.Korea. On a lucky day, you can catch Korean filmmakers filming celebrities on the streets or in boutiques. It’s the largest international district compared to other K-Towns. There’s access to other country-style cafes, restaurants, English bookstores and District Gal Boutique FAV’S.

Kim’s Boutique has an outstanding retro fashion vibe. They have a variety of silk, polyester, jersey dresses, tops, and skirts. What’s special about this shop? In Korea, most stores carry all the same pieces and the sizes mostly flatter banana shaped woman. It makes sense for the Asian market, but Kim’s Boutique has something for everyone. It’s an unusual case to try things on in smaller boutiques, but some might allow the “try-on” luxury on limited items. At Kim’s, you can try things on as you wish.

Kim’s Boutique says…
“We are famous for its own design and production, is a top domestic brand that has been exporting its goods for the past 12 years to the west such as New York, London, and Paris as well as Asia like Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and recently even to Australia and South America. Our brand was favored by many foreign fashionistas such as Cameron Diaz, Sienna Miller, Paris Hilton, Lucy Liu even before the brand was known in Korea.”

“Every single product of ours is labeled as “Made in Korea” since we only use high quality domestic fabric and produce them in Korea with our own design and production system. The biggest advantage of buying our brand in Korea is that the products sold at $150 to $300 can be bought at 50,000 to 70,000 KRW in Korea. Our main customers vary from 20s to 50s: students, office workers, house wives, and even pregnant women since our products come in many different sizes.”

“You would probably be fascinated by our products at the moment you open the door to our stores. We recommend you to try on our comfy, stylish Kim’s Boutique’s clothes which re-interpreted retro fashion. Our first store was opened in Itaewon and then expanded to Daehangno, Samcheongdong, and Garosu-gil, Sinsadong. Every store is managed by the head office so every store of ours offer you the same service and price, which you can trust.”


Located on line number 6, exit 4, walk straight for about 10 minutes.


2012 Kim's Shop  Dress  Nymph-fairy theme photo-shoot.  45,0000 won = $47 USA dollars.

2012 Kim’s Shop Dress Nymph-fairy theme photo-shoot. 45,0000 = $47 USA dollars.

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  1. Min Jung Kim - 01/07/2013

    Hey, Kim’s Boutique is my fav shop in Seoul. I was just hoping to find a web page or something, but instead found your blog. I think I was there about the same time you were, since the first picture of dark blue black lace dress is the one I bought last time. 🙂 I’m living in Indiana now, but visiting my family in Seoul. Kim’s boutique is always on the to-do list when I come here!

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