Wardrobe | Cabi Stylist Fashion Experience

Wardrobe | Cabi Stylist Fashion Experience

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For now, we’ve moved from Seoul to Chicago- you’ll have to stay tuned about any future moves! But back in Seoul I met with Cabi stylist Bridget B, a fashionable lady who brought me onto Cabi Clothing.  And since here on DistrictGal we want to bring you the next best thing or person, not just news about me, I am so excited to talk about Cabi and join this team of women empowering women!  Finally, a unique brand whose story goes well beyond its product.   

Cabi Clothing

Here in Seoul connecting with International fashion blogger, DistrictGal @districtgalista #cabistyle #cabifashion #cabistreetstyle #fblogger  Cabi Top Above

How does DGal fit into Cabi?

As a Cabi Stylist, I can help you discover and express your personal style.  Your clothing is one of the first things we see, so why not work with a professional stylist (for free!!) to do all the work for you.  You, your bffs, your mother, and your sister can all get the shopping help you need, and a major perk is that your stylist can come to you or you can go to her.  

“What Uber has done for the taxi customer and Airbnb for the traveler, cabi is doing for the shopper, because if there’s one industry above all others that needs reinvention, it’s retail.” 

Cabi is not only reinventing shopping, they are also helping women in need around the world.  Each Cabi stylist has a sister entrepreneur!  This brand is changing the way we shop and work.  Both the shopping and working experiences are full of great style, new ideas, and excellent personal service you won’t find anywhere else. Why not have each piece in your closet tell a story!?  We often remember what we wear on special occasions, a first date, a break up, a kickin’ party…  The list goes on and on!  Organizing your closet is a bit of work, but think about the seriously long hours you put into a workweek.  Then about how great would it be to have the pieces in your closet ready, set, and good to go out the door in an effortlessly fabulous look!

Here are some pieces you’ll absolutely adore! They carry sizes from XXS to XL, so don’t worry Cabi has something for everyone.  (Also, links to the products in featured image: playsuit, cardigan, bracelet, necklace, and shoes.) 


Grand Slam Cabi Blazer

Grand Slam Blazer   (cuffs detachable)





CABI Foundation


Cabi Fashion

Wearing Cabi Grand Slam Blazer | Follow on Instagram @districtgalista or Snapchat @districtgal

You can shop Cabi online or send an email to districtgalista@gmail.com to book a fashion experience with DGal.  Learn more about the upcoming fashion event, just click here.  What are you waiting for?! Join us!!  

The Cabi Fashion Experience:

  1. ...is a totally different way to shop that you’ll really love
  2. …is filled with fashion tips for your personal lifestyle

  3. …is a front row seat (literally) to this season’s fashion trends and styling tips

  4. …is about learning the insider secrets for building a fabulous wardrobe

  5. …is shopping with your friends and discovering new looks you feel great in

  6. …is an exclusive opportunity to get your hands on a beautiful designer collection

  7. …is access to a personal stylist who will help you answer that question, “What am I going to wear?”  

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*This page contains affiliate links.  I will get a percentage of purchases to keep up this blog and be able to pursue future DGal endeavors. Thanks for the support! 


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