CityLife | How to Travel to 50 Countries before the age of 27

CityLife | How to Travel to 50 Countries before the age of 27

Ladies and gentleman you are about to learn more about one of the fiercest DGal’s. Linds is a go-getter, smart, funny, cultured, and doesn’t let anyone or anything stop her. She stands up for what she believes in and her warm smile and laugh can light up a room. We met in Korea five years ago and have had our ups and downs because she can’t handle the cold like a Chicagoan. Ha! In the read you’ll learn more about where she’s from and tips on travel. We hope you’ll feel inspired by her free spirit!  


How were you able to travel to so many countries in your twenties?  Aren’t we just starting to work?

It’s funny – when people know how much I travel, they assume that I’m rich, but I grew up somewhere in the middle class range and my parents didn’t give me money to travel.  As a family, we never traveled outside of Florida, where I grew up. I got very lucky in high school and college and had the chance to travel to England, Israel, Rwanda, and Thailand free of cost due to both fundraising and Taglit Birthright Israel. After college, I knew that I wanted to travel more and live abroad, so I went to South Korea and taught English for two years and Social Studies for another two with the goal of saving up money for travel and getting work experience. While I was there, I traveled during vacations and saved up money to go on a big backpacking trip that I went on from February – July 2015 that took me from Seoul, to Southeast Asia, through Africa, and finally to Turkey. Working in Korea is what really gave me the means to travel.

What was the most impressive place you’ve ever been to?

In my life, I have been lucky enough to see and experience so many impressive places that have left profound impacts on my heart and psyche. If I had to pick just one, I would have to say Kyoto, Japan. The whole city is purely magical. Fushimi Inari is a animist shrine in Kyoto that many people recognize – it’s the shrine with a million red gates leading up a mountain that looks over Kyoto. I’ve been there two or three times and that place always blows me away. It’s where the fox spirits protect the rice 🙂 They’re cool dudes.


As a female traveler, can you describe any challenges you may have experienced while traveling?

Meeting creepy dudes. That’s about it. I’ve been lucky to have been safe 98% of the time. I don’t think that it is dangerous to travel as a woman any more than it is dangerous to actually live life on Earth as a woman. It doesn’t matter where you are. There are always going to be creepy dudes.


What kind of budget were you able to travel with comfortably?

I tend to travel in countries that aren’t expensive, which is why I haven’t traveled much of Western Europe. My advice for people who don’t have a lot of money is to stick to Southeast Asia and Africa. They are some of the most amazing parts of the world that are also the cheapest to travel in. My best friend in college gave me that advice and it was some of the best advice I’ve ever received.

If you could wear one or two comfortable yet stylish pieces for your travels what would they be?

I’m from Florida so I love tank tops, shorts, and sandals. They are light and easy to pack and usually look good. Also, a lightweight, pretty cotton dress is always something I travel with. I really don’t like cold places or traveling in cold weather.


Isn’t it dangerous to travel to some of the countries you’ve been to?

I think that Miami is more dangerous than the majority of the places that I’ve traveled to. Bad things happen everywhere. I would not recommend traveling in a war zone, but besides that, I don’t really think it matters much where you are. I love Turkey and even after everything that has happened there politically, I still go there. People ask me “Aren’t you scared?” To be honest, I’m way more scared driving on I-95 in Miami than walking around the streets of Istanbul. Also, the same day someone asked me that, there was a shooting that killed five people at the Fort Lauderdale airport. So I don’t worry much any more than I would walking out of my front door.

How were you able to find the courage to travel on your own?

I’ve always been pretty brave and independent. Going places on my own never fazed me. I prefer traveling alone most of the time.

Was there anything that motivated or inspired you to want to visit the countries you’ve been to?

It depends on the country. I was always a little bit of a Japanophile nerd when I was growing up and I loved Japanese art which is why I always wanted to go to Japan. I learned a lot about Turkish history in college and thought it was fascinating which is why I went to Turkey. One of my best friends, who is like family to me, is from South Africa so I always wanted to go there. I watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona and decided to live in Spain. So it’s been a few different things – education, friends, movies, music, art, word-of-mouth, etc.
Some places, like Korea, I had never even thought of before – the opportunity just presented itself. Living in a place for so long that I knew nothing about prior was the greatest adventure and best teacher of my life and I’m infinitely thankful for it. I came in with no expectations of what Korea should be like – I just lived it and learned – and it was very special.


My favorite shops are…

I like but hate their return policy. Shopping in the Edae (Ewha Women’s University) district of Seoul sends me into this crazy manic euphoria. I would say that my favorite shops are all of the random ones all over the streets of Seoul 🙂

Lastly, how has Korea influence your personal style?

I started realizing by looking at Korean fashion that simple is often best. I saw how amazing Korean people would make something as simple as black pants and a white t-shirt. I love the look that is very simple but then with one small detail that stands out, like all black and then red lipstick. I also started wearing more sneakers!
Say hello to Linds here or find out what she’s up to next on her Instagram @lindsaytriscuit!
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  1. Judith - 30/05/2017

    I have only had the pleasure to meet you once- with Mom and Grand mom at dinner. I greatly admire your Verve and sense of adventure. You are truly a modern explorer, whom I look forward to seeing again.
    Warm regards,

    Judith W

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