JAZZY MAS ‘MASIL’ Global Foreign Flea Market

JAZZY MAS ‘MASIL’ Global Foreign Flea Market

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Do you remember the District Gal Clothing Swap Party on June 1st?

Clothes Flea Market

Well, now DG will be at the MASIL Flea Market in Gangnam this Saturday, July 27th. If you love Platoon’s Flea Market events, I’m sure this will be another Posh Market in Seoul you don’t want to miss!  The name of the flea market is ‘MASIL’ which means “enjoyable picnic” in Korean. JAZZY MAS will open a Global Flea Market in Gangnam for international crafters, artists, and international sellers that will have a mix of art exhibitions, unique fashion booths and there will also be an after-party. Luckily District Gal was selected as one of the sellers in the flea market. New and Resale clothing will be sold on the racks (if you went to the clothes swap, you probably have a nice idea of what’s on the racks).

Take a piece of District Gal home! As an even more special District Gal TREAT bring a pair of Rugged Jeans that you can’t bare to toss and District Gal will turn your jeans into a ONE-OF-A-KIND Fashion Statement with decorative PAINT ART! ONLY 10,000 KRW for one leg and 20,000 KRW for both legs.  Fabric and acrylic paint will be used, don’t worry your fabulous original work of art won’t wash out!  🙂

Painter Jeans

Guess what else? Another nice TREAT for you. The 2nd TREAT is Korean Magician JK, will perform at the DG booth three times: 2:00pm, 4:00pm, and the final show at 6:00pm.  JK has performed his street magic in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and The Netherlands. He traveled to these countries with mere pocket change and successfully made money for room and board from his shows. This eccentric young Korean magician plans on visiting countries all around the world to make his own Magic Show. Come support his magic dreams to come true!  Drop by and say “Hello” to JK on Facebook, click here: JK The Magician.

마술로 새로운 가치를 디자인 하는 것이 꿈인 매직 디자이너 이준구입니다.  세계 8개국에서 길거리 마술 공연을 하였고, 앞으로 세상 모든 나라에서 길거리 공연을 선보이려고 합니다.  이런 저의 꿈을 응원해주시기 바랍니다.  감사합니다!


The event will be held at

Hi Brand Building 215 Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

 from 12-7pm on July 27th. “MASIL” Market is going to be a great place to find nomadic threads. So come out and join the fun, don’t forget to look for us!^^

You can check out the event on JAZZY MAS Facebook Page @ www.facebook.com/#!/jazzymas.co.kr

Website: http://www.jazzymas.co.kr
Location: HI-Brand’S website: http://www.hibrand.com/about/index.php

Hi Brand Building

Hi Brand Building

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