A Hip and Artistic Western Expat: Demola Davies

A Hip and Artistic Western Expat: Demola Davies

Artistic Western Expat: Demola Davies living in South Korea

Her style is what District Gal likes to call “itaewon freedom”. For the first ensemble of the shoot, Demola wore her everyday easy breezy basic dress. The next look features “ajuma” pants which is what she wears for her cat walk on the streets of Itaewon. Koreans don’t generally show that much skin, but Demola says, “It’s an everyday outfit as long as I’m not working.” If it works for her than more power to her! In the third look she wore electric blue leggings which is an outfit she would wear to a music festival, dance class, or club party.  Finally, District Gal found Davies the most suitable outfit for Davies’ pear shape; the Korean Style Cami Dress. This outfit is considered the most “Koreanized” of all of Demola’s outfits. It is cute and feminine. The Korean summer dress is also a great fit for women of all sizes. Check out her photo-shoot and find out her story below. Her unique fashion sense is pretty marvelous!

Look 1: Simple Summer Dress
Hip artistic expat


White dress tank: #H&M | Summer shoes: shoe store in Gangnam station

Look 2: Hipster
artistic expat

Turquoise jewelery: the Egyption jewelery seller in front of Hamilton Hotel | Native American earrings: shop in Itaewon, next to Itaewonland | Ajuma pants: street vendor near Miguem station | Black bandeau top: HandM

Look 3:  Blue Party Legs
artistic expat
Electric blue pants and Scarf: HandM

Look 4:  Korean Cami Dress

Artist Expat

Korean Cami Dress: It’s a staple! You can find this style dress at any popular shopping station in South Korea, e.g. #Gangnam, #Sinsa, or Myeongdong.

Expat Davies’ interview with District Gal

Tell District Gal a bit about yourself and send any of your press.
A: I’m half Korean and grew up on the outskirts of Seoul as a child, and moved to America when I was 11. I returned to Korea about a year and a half ago to join my family, who all live here. I’m really amazed to discover how good this country has been for me, in many ways.  Currently, I work as a voice actor and a freelance English teacher. I’m also directing a production called TopTalent, which is Korea’s first all-English talent search put on by Seconds2Impact.

Where can readers find out more about you?
A: You can look for me (or at least evidence of my work) at the TopTalent production to take place on June 28th and 29th and the finale July 6th, which will be filmed and released online. For more info please check out www.toptalentkorea.com. My next project will most likely take place in the fall. The purpose of this next production is to demonstrate the power of art in our lives and showcase the depth of human expression. This should be a lot of fun and hopefully an incredible show! The project is tentatively titled “How Art Saved My Life”.

Davies is a free spirit, and even tries to help other artist expats in Seoul. Davies is a part of the Top Talent family.  Top Talent is one of the first English talent shows in Korea. As a matter of fact, They are running the final 12 acts this weekend in a beautiful 600-seat venue. Buy tickets on www.toptalentkorea.com,  It’s going to be amazing!

What are your biggest passions?
A: World peace. Sustainability. Authentic expression. Non-violent communication. Performance. Music. Happiness. Love.

How did you first become interested in what you do? & why is it important?
A: I’m going to assume “what I do” are my passions listed above. I believe that there is nothing more important than to experience all that we came here to be. To express ourselves in the way that brings ourselves, and consequently others, joy. To re-learn how to work in complete harmony with nature and unlock her wisdom. And to discover what happiness is. I feel like I’ve always carried these desires in me, and they’ve just been triggered or reinforced as I’ve gone along this surprising ride called life.

As an expat living in Korea, how would you describe the Korean fashion scene?
A: Definitely well-dressed and homogeneous, in general. A lot of short skirts, high heels and covered up tops for the girls, and slim-fitting, metro ensembles for the fashionable men.

What would you say to other liberal artists like yourself seeking general creative advice while living in Korea?
A: Korea is a fantastic place to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t. From getting back into acting, to joining a band, to starting a business. This place is a hidden gem. Many of us who come here, (mostly as English teachers) have the now-rare opportunity to make more than enough money to live on, and also have the time leftover to pursue other interests. And because of the lack of large, well-established Western organizations, anything you want to do, you just get a couple people together and make the dang thing! Really. Those who are smart build a secondary craft or skill while living here, so that when they leave, they have usable talents they can apply elsewhere. Unless of course, teaching is what you really want to do, in which case you’re honing your skills just living life.

What fashion style or advice would you like to see on District Gal?
A: Where the best places are to find different kinds of clothes! And for cheap! Back home I love thrift shops and consider it a crime to spend more than fifteen bucks on a piece of clothing. Unless it’s a unique piece that you just fall in love with. Also, how to wear accessories, color-code, what kinds of shoes go well with what kinds of outfits, and how to dress for your body type.


District Gal welcomes artists of all kind living in Korea, who want a personal stylist experience to contact us with your information and we would love to feature your style and fashion experiences.  Please submit all requests to districtgalista@gmail.com.  Find more: Expat Makeover Pics – CLICK HERE

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