Nanabags Stylin

Nanabags Stylin

Frida Kwon is a Korean bag designer and founder of Nanabags. According to Frida, “Nanagirls (Nanabags and Nanacharms) is an accessory brand that creates romantic, playful, and global lifestyle.” Nanabags is an accessory brand who carries totes, wallets, pouches, and cute charms that inspire by Frida’s playful romantic heart. Nanabags is launching parties in Seoul, Korea for Koreans and the internationals to mingle and she will eventually sell worldwide. District Gal spices up the faces of Nanabags and her team. It’s always a pleasure to take part of Nana’s party scene.

If you’re wondering, what’s with this shiny purple dress? The answer is “Prom Night” theme party in the hip Hongdae area of Seoul. This isn’t Frida’s normal party wear. It was a ladies night and Frida was on a mission to find her prom king. haha! Make-up was definitely a must-do and this was our test run of make up before the spring bag line photo-shoot. The shiny purple dress ended being a sexy number after discovering a fancy yet revealing bow tied in the back. If you want your outfit to lend a bit of fun, get creative with those long ribbons on your dress and make the dress cross-back and a scarf in front.

Overall, it was a fun night. District gal always loves hanging out with Nana and helping spice up her great bag line. It was a pleasure Frida, cute bags! 🙂

You can find Nanabags on Facebook at

Edited by Michelle Ibarra


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  1. Matt - 30/04/2013

    Oh yah! Stylin!

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