Seoul CityLife: Actor Knox Styled on DGal

Seoul CityLife: Actor Knox Styled on DGal

This profile is on one of Korea’s multi-talented man of the hour Quinn Knox.

Knox is known for his work as an actor, director and a singer. He was adopted from Korea and grew up in Idaho, USA. “What has kept me in Seoul is the flourishing opportunities available in the creative community” Knox answers a few questions for District Gal. Knox also tells me he enjoys being involved in the theater, film and artistic circles because as foreigners we are fortunate enough to collaborate, create and discover with great flexibility and freedom. Take a look at District Gal’s questionnaire for Knox where he lets us on in his goals, thoughts and general outlook on Korea and it’s incredible fashion scene.

This first look TOUCH OF GREEN was in spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. Many Koreans aren’t aware of this Irish culture celebration, so District Gal customized this Korean fashion vibe interpretation.

Quinn Site Pic

Quinn Ste Pic 2 BikeNoksapyeong Itaewon photoshoot with Quinn KnoxSt. Patrick's Day in Korea with Quinn KnoxFashion photo shoot with Quinn Knox208

White collared shirt: STCO/Korea| Sunglasses: #Ald | Green hoodie: #Girodano| Leather jacket: International Brand
Stone green washed jeans: #Milgiore| Reversible black/Brown belt & black: #BananaRepublic Inc.| Boots: #ABC Mart

The second look are pieces from Knox’s wardrobe. It was time for a layering day look with a few key touches of nature colored compliments. I love the few modern elements that upgrade his style. Knox walked the streets fiercely during the fashion photo-shoot. I named this outfit NATUREboy.

Noksapyeong Itaewon photoshoot with Quinn KnoxNoksapyeong Itaewon photoshoot with Quinn KnoxNoksapyeong Itaewon photoshoot with Quinn KnoxNoksapyeong Itaewon photoshoot with Quinn KnoxNoksapyeong Itaewon photoshoot with Quinn KnoxNoksapyeong Itaewon photoshoot with Quinn KnoxNoksapyeong Itaewon photoshoot with Quinn KnoxNoksapyeong Itaewon photoshoot with Quinn Knox

Blue shirt: Giordano/Korea
T-shirt: Thailand
Reversible black/Brown belt: Banana Republic Inc.
Boots: ABC Mart/Korea
Downed Brown/Green downed jacket: Hyundai Department Store, Korea

What are your biggest passions?
I love being able to develop, grow and discover new things about the world and myself in a creative outlet. Whether it be acting, singing, dancing or trying something completely different it’s what motivates me and gets me going.

How did you first become interested in what you do? & why is it important?
I have always been interested in performing from a young age. I would create plays and act, direct and write them as a sort of one-man-show when I was young, performing these productions for family and friends. I think performance is so important for myself, but ultimately everybody because you are able to get outside of yourself, express and challenge yourself and see the world from many different perspectives.

As an expat living in Korea, how would you describe the Korean fashion scene?
The Korean fashion scene is a unique one. It’s difficult to categorize it in plain terms. As a foundation of the style, Koreans like clean lines and simplicity but will add flavor to those designs incorporating quirky/high fashion details, pops of colors and hints of hipster or 80s fashion as well.

What would you say to other liberal artist like yourself seeking general creative advice while living in Korea?
Get involved! There are so many opportunities out there and if you don’t find ones that suit you, you can create them.

What fashion style or advice would you like to see on District Gal?
It might be fun to have more fashion tips. I learned a lot on the shoot with Yvette Cruz, from tips on how to layer clothes to little tricks like using a hair straightener as a iron to give the appearance of a freshly starched collar.

We had an awesome day and finished the shoot with some delicious pizza, bread, and various cheeses in Noksapyeong across the road from exit 2.

Bread and PizzaBread Pic 1

The coolest style hair tip: “If you can’t find hair gel use some honey. Yes, Honey!”
Click Here: Why is honey good for your hair?

Edited by Michelle Ibarra

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