Harajuku Travel Wanders| Japanese Fashion

Harajuku Travel Wanders| Japanese Fashion

From Seoul, Korea to Harajuku and Shinjuku, two of the most popular fashion districts in Tokyo.  These districts have some of the best shopping and food in all of Tokyo, Japan.  They are truly electrifying and mesmerizing places. As soon as you walk out of Shinjuku station, BAAAAM!! You get hit with every designer and luxury shop you can possibly imagine.  

Harajuku is more original and has more prep/funk attire in our opinion. It’s eclectic mix of shopping is phenomenal; from cute cat print sweaters, school wear, studded handbags to punk-inspired attire. The harajuku girls and cosplay character fashion speaks for itself. Harajuku is such a fun place full of eye candy for the shopping lover!

Check out the super cool Harajuku couple (below).  Absolutely love their look, especially love the girl’s USA teddy bear sweater, headband, and the 90’s style check shirt tied up around her waist.  Great way to make a basic outfit stand out.  How would you describe Harajuku style in 3 words? 

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Harajuku Fashion
Harajuku fashion couple
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  1. Jc Loh - 24/07/2015

    Would love to visit Japan one of these days, if only to drool on their street style.
    Thanks for sharing, love this post.

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