CityLife | Interview with Stylish Torontonian Monica by Deb

CityLife | Interview with Stylish Torontonian Monica by Deb

It’s always a pleasure to connect with locals from your own city and I was lucky enough to interview Monica, an Instagrammer from Toronto who has a sense of fashion that resonates with all types of people as she travels the globe or visits quaint Toronto spots. 
From scenic sea views in Greece to the most chic cafes in Toronto, Monica’s visually stunning Instagram, Thetastefulnomad will have you hitting that Instagram heart in a heartbeat! At DistrictGal we love an attractive Instagram but with great fashion in the mix, it becomes all the more impressive! 
Let’s find out how to maintain incredible style while abroad and what’s trending in Toronto – Canada’s metropolis full of fashion forward people.

What’s the biggest trend you’ve noticed this summer?

A good slide is essential – preferably in a fun colour! I have two by Mansur Gavriel in red and blush pink, which I’ve loved wearing.

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How do you maintain your style while abroad, travelling?

I always plan ahead. I start with my clothes, which I choose depending on what I have planned for the trip, as well as what the weather looks like. Once I have that basis, I choose my accessories and then fine tune everything at the end because I have a tendency to over pack. I try to minimize the number of accessories I bring by choosing versatile pieces that can transition easily between looks. I know, it sounds totally OCD and it can actually take a few days to do. My husband always makes fun of me for it, but it’s what works best for me!

What do you look forward to the most for the upcoming fall season?

Fall is my favourite season for fashion – especially living in Canada. In Toronto, we usually only get a summer and a winter, so those few weeks of true fall are pure bliss. It’s just warm enough that you aren’t stuck wearing only boots or parkas, but cool enough that you can really diversify your outfits. I’m looking forward to being able to layer again – I love wearing coats in bold colours and fall is the perfect time to do that.

How would you describe fashion in Toronto?

First off, Torontonians are incredibly stylish! You can tell people really appreciate fashion in the city and are not afraid to try out a new trend or look. It’s very urban and you can definitely feel that in the streets. Toronto is also so multicultural, which means you get a nice mix of tastes and influences.

What have been the most memorable travel destinations for you?

Italy will always be my favourite place in the world, and I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many different areas there. The food, people, views, style, and overall way of life are simply the best in my opinion. The major cities are of course a must-see, and I don’t think anywhere in the world can compare to the beauty of the Amalfi coast, but I also recommend visiting some of the lesser known places. I had an amazing time in Puglia last summer and in Sicily as well.
I also visited Marrakech in 2014 right after my husband and I became engaged and had an amazing experience. The colours, textiles, and patterns are so different from what you will find anywhere in North America and the food is amazing too! To this day, one of my favourite dinners ever was at La Français in La Mamounia hotel.

Describe your sense of style?

I definitely love colour and mixing colours but anyone who knows me well also knows that I live in black skinny jeans and black turtlenecks in the winter. Growing up I drew a lot of inspiration from French new wave cinema, and generally anything from the 60s. The looks are always so polished and clean but never shy of a strong print or colour. I follow trends of course too, but I will only invest in something that 1) works on me and my body and 2) is something I can see myself still wearing years down the line.

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What is your favourite item of clothing?

Too hard to choose but one of my favourites would have to be a navy wool Ralph Lauren blazer with a gold emblem. I’ve had it for at least 10 years and always bring it out for the fall. I bought it when collegiate style blazers became trendy at the end of the noughties, but it’s a classic piece that I’ve continued to wear year after year.

You seem to be a fellow coffee lover, what’s one café you’d like to recommend to readers visiting Toronto?

Café Plenty – this place was my go-to when I was in University – to the point that the barista would start making my cappuccino as soon she saw me walk in the door! You’ll definitely get good quality coffee here and it’s also a great spot for a light lunch.

How do you decide on which country to visit?

I love travelling and have a huge list of places I still want to visit. I pick destinations depending on the length of time I want to travel for and what kind of vibe I’m in the mood for. I’m not one to lay on a beach for days – I prefer to experience the life and culture of the place I’m visiting. For weekend trips, I love visiting the States (LA, Boston, NYC, and DC being some of my favourites), and I try to go somewhere in Europe at least once a year. I still haven’t been to Asia yet and I’m hoping to do that sometime soon.

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Who influences your sense of fashion?

My mom has definitely had the strongest influence on my sense of fashion and was my biggest inspiration growing up. She always coordinates the colour in her outfits so well – purses, shoes, jewellery, you name it. I really love that and I think it’s very reminiscent of 60s fashion. It makes any outfit look that much more put-together.

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She’s also one of those people who just has an innate sense of what looks good and what doesn’t. She will always buy classic, not just trendy pieces. I’ve stolen countless clothes that she used to wear in the 90s that still resonate in fashion today.

What trends have you noticed while abroad, that you incorporate into your style?

Traveling opens your mind to different cultures and tastes and I’m always inspired by the street style of wherever I visit. That being said, trends abroad will not always translate into my life back home. Usually when I travel it’s not trends per se that I incorporate into my style, but cultural themes and concepts. And this doesn’t only apply to my style, but my lifestyle as well. For example, I became obsessed with tile work after visiting Sicily and Southern Italy – I have several outfits with similar patterning and my wedding invitations were even based off of a Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian design. No matter who you are, travelling is an incredibly enriching experience – and whether it’s conscious or not, you will find these influences trickling into all aspects of your life.

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