Wardrobe: All Eyes On You | An Outfit For Fall

Wardrobe: All Eyes On You | An Outfit For Fall

Hey everyone!! Every now and then I come out from behind the scenes and share my personal fashion style on District Gal with readers and fashion bloggers alike.  In this POST I will share some DIYs and pointers on giving your photos a professional look.

How to Do It Yourself?

The eye sweater you see everywhere is a very popular design inspired by KENZO collections.  Korea is a fast copy-high-fashion playground, as are so many other fast-fashion brands.

You can find a graphic sweater similar to this style at almost any subway street shop internationally. Wear it with a basic long pleated blue maxi skirt, studded headband as a touch of Korean flare, gold-stained necklace (this one is by Diana at Diferent Colors & Different Styles)and a classic saddle shape crossbody purse. To add a tad bit of color to this outfit, give your nails an orange glow.

Where should you wear this outfit?

It’s Fall!  Hurray color season!!  Throw on some short ankle boots and you’re ready for the day.  It’s a perfect posh, chic, and comfortable outfit for any occasion.

Fashion Photo Tips

Tip 1:  A white background is perfect to bring up the quality of your photos.  We don’t have a fancy studio, so we improvised using a big thick white bedsheet.

Tip 2:  Use a chair and take photos from above.  The above angle is really suitable for pictures.  Because of the lens it will make your eyes look even larger.  Also, make sure there’s lots of bright natural light in the room you’re shooting in.  Play around and try to find all your best angles!

Thanks for reading!  If you try this style or any of the photo tips, please come back and let us know how they worked out for you. =)

P.S. A makeup tutorial from this style will be coming soon.  We’ll keep you beauties posted.

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Outfit of the Day Outfit of the Day Outfit of the Day Outfit of the Day fashion blogger fashion blogger Outfit of the Day Fashion Blogger Fashion blogger fashion blogger

Korean Brands:

| Top, Skirt, Headband, Purse – Underground Shopping Ujeoungbu |

| Orange Nail Polish – The Face shop |

Photos Courtesy of Diana @ Different Colors & Different Styles

Interim Copy Editor: Stacey Dicion

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  1. Diana - 23/09/2013

    LOve your new little purse! so cute! thinking about to get one for myself too 😉

  2. Carolina - 11/10/2013

    That’s a so glamorous and sophisticated look dear, I truly love you bag!



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