Seoul CityLife: Expat Allie McCormack, An American from Philadelphia, Jewelry Enthusiast

Seoul CityLife: Expat Allie McCormack, An American from Philadelphia, Jewelry Enthusiast

We are starting off 2014 with Allie McCormack, an enthusiastic DIY (Do It Yourself) jewelry designer.  We’re so happy to have met this wonderful gal at the DistrictGal Fashion Walk.  If it’s teaching in Korea or making something fun and awesome at home (baking, making jewelry, or taking photos) her inventive self-taught methods are inspiring.  She creates trendy little fashion hints in DIY-ing.  More about Allie below:


See-through purse?  Your first thought might be…everyone can see what’s in my bag? But Allie’s cleverly designed bag made her stand out at the fashion walk. It pulled together her sparkly-stoned sweater and leather jacket.


Allie’s Designs, click, here!

1. Tell District Gal a bit about yourself.  How did you first become interested in jewelry?

“Hello, I’m Allie! I am originally from the Main Line, outside of Philadelphia, PA. I currently live just outside of Seoul, South Korea, where I teach English. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved to make necklaces, bracelets, friendship bracelets, and all sorts of adornments.  In early middle school, I started to make jewelry as gifts for my friends.  Honestly, none of the pieces were very good!  I am completely self-taught when it comes to making jewelry and DIY-ing.”

2.What jewelry designers inspire your collections?

“When it comes to jewelry, I really like overwhelming statement pieces. Jewelry is what can take an outfit from ordinary to unforgettable. Some of my favorite jewelry designers are Shourouk, Lanvin, and Lulu Forst. All of which are way out of my price range. I use them mostly for inspiration.”

3.  How can someone connect with you about your pieces?

“I don’t have my own jewelry line per se. I make many pieces as DIY projects for my blog: Lusting for Lavish. I want to start making DIY kits for some of my projects, so that people can use their own creativity to make pieces similar to mine. Also, telling someone you made that fabulous piece of jewelry is very rewarding. I would be more than happy to put together DIY kits for anyone who wants one! Just send me a quick email with the name of the project you would like to make. Email:”

4. What do you think of Korean jewelry designs?

“A lot of Korean jewelry is simple and delicate.  Korean women don’t tend to wear heavy jewelry, but on the streets of Seoul there are small trendy stores you can find that sell chunkier pieces of jewelry.  I do like these pieces, but I tend to use them more for inspiration.”

5. What would you say to other jewelry enthusiast seeking creative DIY advice?

“Keep creating!! Take in the details of the world around you and let everything inspire your creativity. When you see something you like on the Internet or in store try to recreate it. Know that nothing will come out perfectly.  Embrace the creative process and never stop working.”


Tangled Up on Christmas!

6. When it comes to your style, what’s your fashion rule for DistrictGal visitors?

“I dress by the rule of 3’s. No more than 3 colors for one outfit. And 3 elements to an outfit, 1 basic, 1 interesting piece, 1 completer. When it comes to my style, jewelry makes the outfit.”

How about hand-making your own jewelry as a New Year’s resolution?

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  1. Teffy - 19/01/2014

    Haha I never heard of the rule of 3 before!!
    I probably follow it without even realising.

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

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