Seoul CITYLIFE: Joe iaspiring to be an Actress/Singer in Seoul

Seoul CITYLIFE: Joe iaspiring to be an Actress/Singer in Seoul

Say “Hello” to Joe! District Gal had the pleasure of meeting Joe (age 25), who is living and working in Korea. Joe was born in Korea and raised in Canada since she was 3 years old. She returned to Korea one year ago to gain a feel of what it would be like to live in her birth country. Apart from her day job as an English teacher, Annabelle is pursuing various acting and singing projects here in Korea.

Joe and I have shared conversations on music, culture and fashion at some of District Gal’s favorite eating spots in SINSA (Garosugil Street) and an Italian FAV in Itaewon. (More details on these restaurants coming soon on Some of Joe’s favorite shops in Korea are Giordano, Shesmiss, and Kennethlady. Joe likes to wear contemporary Korean pieces, but sometimes she switches her wardrobeit for a more rebellious punk rock look. We found this black studded hat in MYEONDONG SHOPPING DISTRICT, Seoul. Myeongdong has more fashion stores and street style shopping than most other regions in Korea. Korea has a few selective uniqque shops, but most fashion shops carry clones of each others designs. You should be able to easily find a hat like this almost anywhere, at a wardrobe street vendor cart or boutiques within MYEONGDONG’S SHOPPING DISTRICT.

Her first outfit consists of a gray active sweater (preparing for a workout), black boots, muffler, pea-coat, and the classic Louis Vuitton tote. Her natural make-up and shiny straight black hair gives her that sophistication. It might be basic and minimalistic to some, but it’s an outfit favorite that says, “I’m going to the gym but let me wear my highboots for if I bump into anyone.” By the way, we loved this purple bike on the road, so we couldn’t help but take a shot next to it. Leave a comment for Joe and wish her luck on her journey to stardom!


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